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Creative Boredom
May 23, 2006, 10:46 pm
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Part of my job is running creative sessions for clients – helping them think outside of the cubicle they spend their lives in and maybe … just maybe … take the consumer into account and stop being so self obsessed for once.

So recently I was asked to participate in a creative session run by a research company [oxymoron anyone?] and without doubt, my favourite bit was when they asked all the participants to put on a KKK hat because – according to them – it would help us start to think like consumers.

I have no reason why they believed putting on a paper hat would help us [and we certainly weren't targeting racists] but there we were, looking like a bunch of tossers which is best exemplified by this piccie showing, I think it is fair to say, a seriously disinterested person.

This sort of thing is about as creative as a lounge pianist in a Blackpool resort [out of season] who plays Take That covers every night on a casio keyboard.  Pathetic …

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name names! was it what if?

Comment by russell

Haha … no, not What If (I have a lot of good and bad opinions on them and their tree hugging ways) … it was a research company who say’s they are ‘reinventing research’. I suppose they are, they’re making it a bloody mockery. How are you?

Comment by Rob Campbell

Oh, and Russell, did you get my email about maybe doing stuff on some of our clients? Are you a free agent yet? You can email me on

Comment by Rob Campbell

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