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Lies Or Ingenuity?
May 18, 2006, 3:59 pm
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I recently got asked my view on whether brands should be in blogs?

My point of view was that it's all dependent on who is the brand, what is the blog and what the brand is trying to achieve from the union.

Saying that, what really bugs me is when brands [allegedly*] get their own people to write entries into sites pretending to be 'everyday punters' because they want to generate hype or stop negative comment.

Apart from the fact, most people can see through this little ploy … I see no reason why brands shouldn't express their opinions open and honestly – infact, doing it might result in an even more positive outcome for all parties involved.

Of course some brands use blogs really well [not just to promote themselves, but to really learn from customers] … however if some aren’t careful, it’ll be another medium they ruin for the masses.

* I say 'allegedly' because just like Mariah Carey CD buyers, no one admits to doing it.

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