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An Ad That Made Me Pay Attention …
October 29, 2014, 6:10 am
Filed under: seminar ads

So I was on a plane recently, flicking through the in-flight magazine, when I came across this:

And I have to say I liked it.

Not just because of the [very true] provocative statement, but because it was clean, simple and centred around a clear idea which meant it stood out from the countless other ads in the magazine.

What’s even more impressive is that the company behind it, Karrass, are a seminar company.

Sure, they say they are a negotiation training company … but they do it through seminars, so for sake of argument, I’ll leave it at that.

Now normally, seminar ads – whether they help train your negotiation skills or your money management – are more likely to cause an epileptic attack rather than an appreciative stare.

They cram every inch of their ad with impressive quotes from various media or previous attendees or push the ‘ticket hotline’ more than a dealer pushes crack.

In other words, like this:

So well done to Karrass, not only did you use creativity to differentiate yourselves from the competition and the countless other communication that was thrust in my face, you also proved your credentials by negotiating with my brain so that it would give a shit about your company which is more than 95% of the stuff out there manages to achieve.