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The Origins Of Linkedin …
April 12, 2023, 8:15 am
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Linkedin is kinda-of like reality TV for me these days.





Blatant self promotion.

It’s amazing … making an episode of Love Island look tame in comparison.

Of course, ‘professional’ is the last word the platform should use, because it’s anything but … promoting all sorts of bad behaviour – from anger and division to judgement and big talking.

And while normally this sort of behaviour is toxic as shit [and still can be to be honest], once you realise the people acting or reacting this way are tragically trying to be a version of stupid peoples, clever people – like Andrew Tate or Jordan Peterson or even Trump – it’s hilarious.

I say ‘hilarious’, but that’s only because the level of delusion that’s being spouted on there has reached such bible-standards, that you expect them to claim they can part the sea.

My friend Armando Potter wrote about these people not too long ago – with some incredible examples. No wonder Andy once said of the claims of the people on LinkedIn,

“I’ve seen less fiction in a library”.

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