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Power Corrupts …
March 20, 2023, 8:15 am
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I was recently invited to speak to a class of exec-MBA students at Cambridge University.

If anything reflects the state of education, even at the most respected of institutions, it’s this.

Given the closest I got to university was driving past Nottingham Polytechnic when I was a kid, of course I said yes.

Maybe you think being asked to talk would be enough to satisfy my ego.

Maybe you think I would want to present myself as a mature, professional.

Maybe you have forgotten what I’m like.

Because despite it being midnight in Auckland, I was awake enough to exploit my moment of power by saying that they needed to give me a wave before I would start.

I know … I know … what a prick move.

But it wasn’t total stupidity, because it ensured they looked pleased to hear from me at least once throughout my talk. #strategy

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