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This Post Will Save You A Fortune …
October 25, 2022, 8:15 am
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Nice long weekend for me.

I appreciate you didn’t have one, but surely an extra day free from this blog helped?

Well, regardless … I’m about to ruin it all for you.

So at some point in your life, you realise age is winning.

You look in the mirror and you don’t recognise what’s staring back at you.

It’s scary. It’s confronting. It’s deeply, deeply disturbing.

And it’s at this point you tend to consider one of 3 things:

+ Plastic surgery.

+ Radical fitness program.

+ A mid-life crisis.

And while they may all seem perfectly acceptable at the time … the risk, cost and sheer exhaustion of it all probably makes it counter productive.

But no one can say I don’t care about your wellbeing … because if you find yourself in this position, I can help you feel younger without ay damage to your skin, heart or marriage.

I know, I know … I’m so generous.

Because rather than spend copious amounts of time and money on that other stuff, just spend a bit of money and a bit of time on this …

Introducing Pop It Pal.

Pop It Pal is a technology that takes you back to your youth.

Those days where everything was carefree, exciting and firm.

Where you’d look in the mirror and instead of seeing the old haggard version of yourself, you’d see a young, healthy version staring back.

A young healthy version with zits staring back.

And while back then zits were the worst thing that could happen in your life, they were undeniable proof of adolescence and youthfulness … and that’s what Pop It Pal does for you, because it allows you to pop [fake] zits.

No, I’m not joking.

Squeeze your fingers and you can be taken back to when you were young.

Where you can feel the glory of erupting that spot.

That instantaneous feeling of going from monster to beauty.

And all this can be yours by simply purchasing Pop It Pal.

Much cheaper and safer that all that other stuff.

You’re welcome.

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