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How To Lose Clients And Alienate People …
August 23, 2022, 8:15 am
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A few weeks ago, I had a call with a big time music manager of a big time musician.

For reasons I am still not sure of, I’d decided to spend the day wearing the Leonardo DiCaprio sweatshirt Andy and Dave had decided to buy me for another reason I am still – and never will – not sure of.

So yes, that does mean I’d worn it to work.

In front of clients.

And everyone basically said I was better dressed than usual.

The bastards.

Anyway, it was late at night [for me] and the music manager comes onto the zoom.

They look at me for a nano-second before saying …

“That’s an interesting choice of clothing to wear to this meeting”.

To which immediately I replied …

“Well, this is about rock n’ roll so I thought there was nothing more rebellious than an old man wearing Leonardo”.

The pause before their response was longer than a flight from NY to NZ.

Never have I lived up to Dan Wieden’s Fail Harder philosophy as much as I did that night. Except he meant it in terms of ‘failing in the quest for brilliance’, where as I just failed.

So to anyone out there kicking themselves for making a daft mistake at work … I hope this story of stupidity helps put your situation in perspective. It could be worse. You could be me … actively alienating people who I’m supposed to be working with. And I’m still employed.


You’re welcome.

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