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Days That Change Your Life …
December 15, 2021, 8:49 am
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This was originally going to be another post.

Until I got a phone call early this morning.

A call that has messed my head up completely.

Before I go on, I should point out this post is not for comments.

In fact, I’d appreciate it if there weren’t any at all. I know that is how things work on here – I write, you take the piss – but the reason I’m writing this is to mark the day and to try and process things going on in my mind.

It will also be deliberately vague.

The news is so new, that it’s not my place to go into specifics, others will decide when it is appropriate for that to go out into the world. If ever.

Instead, I want to write about unfairness.

Wherever I have lived, I have seen prejudice and oppression.

Some places was more about gender … some more to do with sexuality … others about race and heritage.

And while all deeply disturbed me, no where did it hit me harder than what I saw in America.

I remember when we did America In The Raw, someone asked me what I felt the difference was between the racism the Hispanic community faced compared to African American’s.

I replied that it wasn’t a competition and everyone suffered greatly from systemic racism, but if they wanted my uneducated opinion – given I was a white, privileged man who had only lived in America for a year at that point – it was this.

The Hispanic community face some of the worst racism I had ever witnessed.
But the African American community were being deliberately oppressed.

And I still stand by that.

That people who face such obstacles and hate can continue to be generous, open and compassionate highlights even more how fucked up things are.

Especially when you read white people being bitter for the most petty of things.

A shop not being open when they want something.

The noise on the street being too loud for them to watch TV.

A Person of Colour being successful.

The last one in particular seems to be a goal many white people want to stop.

They stand in their way. They question their professionalism. They basically make them work twice as hard to get half as successful as a white person.

And it happens and it’s true and it’s utterly fucked.

To make sure I am clear on how utterly fucked it is, white people make People of Colour have to create an alternative personality to stand a chance.

To stand a chance at still being treated unfairly but for a salary. A lower salary.

How fucked are we for making people do that?

As if work wasn’t hard enough, we force people to pretend the shit they experience from us is OK so they can continue to feed their family or put a roof over their head.

We should be disgusted with ourselves.

Instead we either deny its existence or throw out bland comments of how we want to try to be better.

And yet we still manage to make it worse.

Because when we meet a Person of Colour who refuses to let others define them by their skin, then the real viciousness of white behaviour comes to the fore.

We will label them unprofessional.



And then, eventually, we’ll resort to the worst of white passive aggressive company behaviour – where we let the person go for ‘not being the right fit’.

This happens all the time.

All. The. Time.

I witnessed people doing it.

I witnessed people trying to do it.

This is People of Colour’s normality.

All the D&I programs in the world won’t change that because D&I is a program but we need far more than that.

We need a fundamental change.

In attitude.
In education.
In behaviour.
In laws.

Recently, a friend who faces all this shit fought their way to a chance.

A chance they deserved years ago but never stopped going after.

A chance to change their future and their families future fundamentally.

A chance to reveal the talent that’s always been there but had too many companies want to dampen.

So they’d fit in.

So they’d be complicit to management.

So they’d be grateful to those higher than them.

I cannot tell you the joy I have for what they have done.

For what they have rightfully achieved.

How must I respect them for who they are.

How much they mean to me.

How grateful I am for the love they share with me.

And the love that I have for them.

I really hope they know this.

I really hope they knew this.

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