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Thank You For Everything Sir Ken …
August 25, 2020, 7:30 am
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Last week, the incredible Sir Ken Robinson died.

Academic. Teacher. Author. Speaker. Sir Ken was many things, but most of all he was a brilliant human.

A huge advocate of the power of creativity, Sir Ken made what I still believe is the all time best TedTalk, ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity’ … expressing his argument with humour, self depreciation and some powerful examples of triumph over adversity.

The triumph over adversity is something he knew first hand as he was born in one of the poorest areas of Liverpool. A place where kids are often written off by school systems as lost causes before they even begin.

I had the great pleasure to share a flight with him many years ago. He was everything you hoped. For a start he was exactly as he appeared in speeches and interviews.

Charming. Sharp. Funny. Inclusive. Committed to his beliefs.

We talked about Bono [and how his opinion changed very positively towards him once he met him] through to Elvis [both our wives are huge fans] and he even gave me his email to stay in touch.

Sir Ken was the best of many things. His ideas and beliefs benefited so many and will continue to. But most of all, he was someone who believed if you identify, nurture and celebrate an individual abilities and skills … everyone ends up being in a better place professionally, socially and emotionally than if we leave them to the mono-approach, archaic school system that has been designed to crush individual creativity in favour of education through repetition.

With the way the government are treating kids – and teachers – through this COVID crisis … and the doubling down on old habits, processes and systems, regardless how flawed and one-size-fits-all they may be … it’s safe to say we have never needed Sir Ken more.

Alas we can’t have him any more.

Thank you for everything sir. You will be missed but always remembered.

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