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Where Do We Go From Here?
March 15, 2019, 5:22 pm
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I find it unfathomable there are people who hate others simply because they are a bit different to them, when we spend all our lives trying to find a way to be a little different from everyone else around us.

But the reality is there are these people. They want everyone to conform to what they deem is right, even if their actions often betray their declared beliefs.

What happened in New Zealand was an act of terrorism, pure and simple.

A person – a white male, amongst others – inflicted the worst of humanity on the most innocent of humanity … simply for being a bit different to him.

Over the following days we will hear the same words of sorrow from the same sources, and not once will they recognise their involvement in creating this environment of hate.

Sure they did not pull the trigger. But whether it’s inciting the fear or doing anything for an audience, they have complicity in this.

Of course the only way they will know this is if we act against it, and that’s where it gets worse because as much as we will all be appalled, millions will continue to read the exploitive news of The Daily Mail, support the hate-igniting Trump or visit the likes of 4-Chan and so much more besides.

I love NZ. I love the people of NZ. I am heartbroken for them all, especially the Muslim community.

I just hope this act of hate backfires on the instigators by igniting a wave of togetherness, where all of society acknowledges its our little differences that not only makes us all the same, but makes us all worth knowing a little better and a little more.

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