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Oh Dad, I Miss You So Much …
September 15, 2017, 6:15 am
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So on Sunday, it would be my Dad’s 79th birthday.

That means he has been gone 19 years.


That blows my mind because in some ways, it only feels like a couple of years since he died.

Obviously I wish he was still here.



With Mum by his side.

And if he was, I would be sending them tickets to come to America.

To see their only son.

Their daughter in law.

The beloved grandson.

And we would sit in our back-garden in the evening sun and talk while we looked at Otis running around, doing his ‘missions’.

And at some point, I would stop and look at them all interacting … conscious of how special this moment was, trying to take it all in.

Dad’s kind eyes.

Mum’s beautiful face.

My wife’s happy smile.

My son’s infectious joy.

With a backdrop of laughter and love … all mingling together in a way that made it absolutely perfect.

A perfect I’d want to remember forever because in some ways, it would be everything I had ever wished for and wanted.

Happy birthday for Sunday my dear Dad.

Not a day goes by without me thinking of you.


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A touching and personal tribute. Nicely said. 🙂

Comment by Opinionated Man

Happy birthday Mr Campbell.
Your son does you proud.

Comment by Lee Hill

Every now and then you remind me you’re not all bad. Or I should say your parents, wife and son remind me.

Comment by DH

always others.

Comment by andy@cynic

except your old man would take one look at your new tryhard audi mobile and give you a bollocking. happy birthday mr c. dont worry, ill keep your son grounded.

Comment by andy@cynic

fuck youre good campbell, youve manipulated me into thinking i sound a bit of a prick and want to apologise. you cunning bastard. another reason to be proud of your kid mr c.

Comment by andy@cynic

He’s good.

Comment by DH

Another thing for me to thank my Dad for.

Comment by Rob

that must be a fucking long list.

Comment by andy@cynic

This is lovely Rob.

Comment by Pete

Lovely. Happy birthday Mr Campbell.

Comment by George

You do him proud. Lovely post.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

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