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The Greatest Word Ever Created To Sum Up This Week …
February 10, 2017, 6:15 am
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But let’s not forget, it only works because the definition is absolutely fucking perfect.

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Sums up how I feel after a week of posts pretty accurately.

Comment by Bazza

i think mindfucked is a much better word.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Lee Hill

Sounds awful – have you thought of getting a chakra bracelet?

Comment by John

I think this happened because my bracelet fell apart.

Comment by Rob

Oh, before I forget … exhaustipated is perfect for another reason, beyond describing the week I’ve had. It represents the feeling that helped me pull the trigger on stuff I was pissing about on deciding. That might mean nothing to you guys – and that’s fine – but in the future, I can look back on this post and remember, “Oh, so that’s when it all happened”.

The end.

Comment by Rob

the only thing that would make me give a flying fuck is if your pseudo deep bullshit translated to “im ending this blog”.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’d like to think that too, but it won’t happen. Rob will never be happy until he has destroyed us all.

Comment by DH

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