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It’s Not Sad, It’s Retro – Well That’s My Excuse And I’m Sticking With It …
July 20, 2009, 6:48 am
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… yes it’s a Queen “News Of The World” 1977 Tour T-shirt and I just bought it.

Not only that, but despite the stains, sweat and god knows what else went on in it over the years, I am wearing it. In public.

And thinking of NP.

I could write a post about the different ways people connect with bands … the role melody and/or lyrics play in driving emotions, regardless of culture or heritage or even how brands should start thinking interms of making people want to wear them [obviously not brands like Prada etc, where they are already worn] … but it’s Monday, I’m tired, I have multiple tax bills screaming to be paid RIGHTFUCKINGNOW, an ‘intray’ that resembles Ben Nevis on steroids and the knowledge that even if I did write something about that stuff [including the research we’re doing with a prof of music @ Berkley which I know I have to tell Lauren about] you wouldn’t read any of it because not only would it bore you to tears, but because the thought of Freddie Mercury prancing about in his leotard has already made you queasy.

With that in mind, I’ll try and write something for tomorrow’s post that is better than this load of old tosh but until then, I leave you with a pre-hairy lipped Freddie singing one of the songs he wrote from the News Of The World album when Queen were still good.

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It’s not retro, it’s sad and it’s not my excuse, it’s undeniable fact.

Like when Queen reformed with Paul Rogers.

Comment by George

I knew I’d get that comment, but I didn’t expect it from you!!!

Yes … yes … I know it’s sad, but I’ve never really claimed to be otherwise, at least for the last 15 years.

And you know that Queen post 1983 makes me ill – I do have some standards. Ha.

Comment by Rob

for a man who sang the lyric “no time for losers” he seems to attract a fuck load of them.

please tell me you didnt pay money for a 2nd hand tshirt? you did didnt you? you sad, sad bastard. you handed over good cash for a 30 year old t that was probably owned by some grease monkey who couldnt believe his luck some twat was willing to cough up money for a sweat sodden. misshappen piece of cotton featuring mr super queen on it. thank fuck queen didnt make tour birkenstocks. twat.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Rob

At least a t shirt is silent, better than him playing (tone) def lepp on the office system.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Why do you think we sent him to the orient Billyboy. I think you’re being mr insight again Andy.

Comment by DH

Foiled again!

Comment by Rob

That’s a new level of rampant fandom… slightly worrying, but then again it could be a YES tee.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Or Quo!

Comment by Rob

At least Quo made some pretty decent songs before they became a parody of themselves, better than recording a 4 hour synthesizer demo every year.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

And I speak as someone who loves synthesizers.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Are you wearing that in public? Are you insane?

Comment by Bazza

Worse mate …

I’m wearing it and about to go home and listen to a press conference at the Forest ground about the new players they’ve just bought.

I know … I know … Jill should leave me, I’m sure she’s thinking that too. Or she will when I cheer madly about some signing she has never heard of or will never care about.

Isn’t footie wonderful ….

Comment by Rob

rob, i can’t believe i’m going to say this, but i hear ya.

as much as i think queen are, well, weird, i do understand that slightly manic obsession with bands, which strikes people in the form of t-shirts, lunchboxes, plastic figurines and signed-but-smashed SGs. i used to work in a well-known metal music store in sydney and all i have to say is that i’m glad that you’re not a kiss fan. then we would have to get a divorce – because they are the worst kind of sad fan.

BTW, since we last saw our heros, i’ve fallen in love with a writer/theorist called michael bull and found some interesting psychology text on sound/audition and the relationship between sound, cognition, development and the old frontal lobe – all relating to the Just Noticeable Difference (ah, the marketing/psychology cross over). looking forward to reading your stuff very soon.

Comment by lauren

fuck me lauren youre turning into rob and george.

why the fuck couldnt you transform into olivia wilde rather than the bastard fucking love child of some queen t shirt loving planning twat and a father of 3 who is boring the fuck out of everyone with his talk of emotional transformation through pitch transition or some other bollocks that means he pumps white noise through the fucking office all fucking day.

and remember campbell is wearing a sweaty fucking 30 year old t. how fucking more sad can he be?

Comment by andy@cynic

no less sad that keeping a 20-year old tattered t-shirt by The Meanies, that will never be worn again, just because it was the first band shirt that really meant something.

sorry to disappoint andy – it’s all part of the dream destroyer thing i’ve got going on at the moment. and who the fuck is olivia wilde anyway?

Comment by lauren

yes lauren but you didnt just buy the fucking thing off some sweaty weirdo and wear it to the office did you?

who is olivia? shes someone even megan gale wants to fuck but without your ability to turn mens dreams into fucking ashes. well not the same dreams that you can fuck up anyway.

Comment by andy@cynic

Good point Lauren, but also Andy. I keep my 1998 idlewild tshirt in a safe place. But I wouldn’t buy one from someone else!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

thats why youre not as sad as campbell but them who the fuck is?

Comment by andy@cynic

I hate to have to admit this, but I think Andy might be right on this one. D’oh!

Comment by Rob

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