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If Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery, Then Leo Burnett’s [HK] Want To Shag Me Senseless …
July 14, 2009, 6:55 pm
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… pity they’re a bit of a munter.

But having read this, they’re business model is even uglier.

Any idiot can shine a light, but we can help them grow.

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What do you expect Rob, they’re from the land of the copy.

They should have copied your logo as well, there’s sucks.

Comment by DH

Well, the colours look like they came Brand’s Essence of Chicken’s logo. We know where the name came from already. Just not sure about the neon effect …

Comment by Ed

I’m just waiting for when they launch “Cynical” and “Goog_Lab” … complete the set!

And yes Dave/Ed, that logo is pretty bloody horrible – doesn’t really sell their ‘branding’ powers, let alone their creative thinking skills, ha!

Comment by Rob

i knew lb were fucking desperate but this is fucking sad fuck central. its a very fucking shit and crappy day when i say a logo would be better in impact but that sorry sack of shit would.

interesting business model ripping off a competitors name, creating the most loathsome mother fucking logo since cadburys whisper then handing over a million hk bucks worth of fees and services. even more so when they see the list of local company names theyve “acquire” cover the whole fucking spectrum of cheap shit bastards who complain about the cost of fucking paper clips let alone bullshit marketing wank.

and they say part of their service is consulting on logo and product concepts? the fuckers are on the glue.

it might be wrong to hurt the defenceless but im telling you rob to destroy them. destroy them you hear?

lb you fucking idiots.

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy makes Rumsfeld look like a 5 year old girl with pink ribbons in her hair and a smile that can melt hearts. He’s right though, Leos are idiots.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Everything that could go wrong HAS gone wrong with this.

Comment by Marcus



How are you lovely … have you still got the girls with you or are you now back in ‘man mode’?

Comment by Rob

The phrase why innovate when you can imitate personifies the lazy mind set for many companies in Asia – but when a major agency does it and not for their clients but for their own bloody brand something is seriously wrong with the state of this industry in HK. That’s what you get for working on mcdonald’s and p&g for too long – same same but different.

…. and it’s a sad sad imitation at that. I know it’s a recession but you think they would have used an art director who was at least a year out of design school.

Comment by Juanita

Bloody hell Juanita, are you going for Andy’s crown?

Maybe you’ll find tomorrow’s post/rant/rubbish relevant/interesting … eitherway, I’d be facinated in hearing your perspective given your long experience in HK and then telling me if I’m talking complete and utter rubbish. As usual.

Comment by Rob

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