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Go And Sit On The Naughty Chair Rob …
November 12, 2007, 12:46 pm
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One of the problems with this blog is that I forget there are people – other than the guys who offer their 2-pennies-worth each day – who actually read the bloody thing.

You’d of thought I’d learnt my lesson after the Bob Garfield debacle, but no … because last week I found out my blog had inadvertently pissed off an entire agency.

Yep, a whole bloody organisation!!!  [They emailed an industry magazine and a few senior colleagues to complain about me!]

Now on one hand I can’t help but feel I should be a little proud by such an achievement … I mean, a whole company hates me … however the reality is I don’t because in one of my posts I did go too far [which is why I changed it ASAP] and no doubt ended up coming across as an even bigger tit than usual … so for that [the going too far’ bit, not the ‘looking a tit’] I am truly sorry and apologise to anyone and everyone who may of been upset by my comments.

I should remind people this is my personal blog, representing my personal opinion – not any corporate view – so trying to get the media involved all seems abit dramatic, however I do feel terrible that I basically attacked a bunch of people who’d worked their arses off on a pitch because it’s not nice, especially when [1] there’s no reason for it and [2] you’ve just found out you’ve not been successful.

I could blame it on a few things – but lets be honest, there’s not much point – and whilst that doesn’t mean I’m going to change what I think, I may be abit more careful about how I say it in the future … or at least save my personal attacks for people/organiations who really deserve it! 🙂

Anyway I’ve taken the comments off this post because I’d like to put this issue to bed now [plus I know what certain people may write if they had the chance] so lets all move on and have a nice day because there’s alot more wrong in the World than the mad mutterings of some stupid bald English bloke.

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