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November 8, 2007, 7:01 am
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Because today is a public holiday in Singapore [thus I am sat on my arse watching Series 4 of Peep Show while you read this] … I thought I’d put up this short ‘Making Of’ film to prove the VB Symphony ad I wrote about was totally genuine.

I am proud of this work – sure it’s role was only supposed to be a bridge to the new core idea we’d developed – but we have still managed to make a fundamental shift to the brand after running the same ‘blue collar’ campaign for 40 odd years. 

Given the news of yesterday, I’m just sad we’re never going to get the chance to create what we wanted this all to lead to, but hey – it’s a nice way to go.

Enjoy and I’ll see you Friday.

PS: Incase you were wondering, Ben is NOT Ashton Kusher in disguise, he is just a bloke who happens to like the ‘trucker’ look!

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Again, this proves just how stupid both the agency and client have been here. A campaign that benefits all of them has been thrown away for nothing.

If they sold it here id stop drinking it…

Comment by Rob Mortimer


Comment by Angus

I may sound repetitive but every time I watch the thing it becomes better and greater. Really beautiful and it shows you can have a brilliant piece of film without spending milliond for building a huge domino effect in Peru for that Irish beer. Props to Jim and Ben and the rest at cynic.

Comment by Seb

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