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Gareth Does My A[P]SOTW Assignment. Sort Of …
October 31, 2007, 8:00 am
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Fallen Heroes Hummer

Remember the Hummer assignment I gave people a while back?

The goal was to come up with a strategy that would encourage men to buy a Hummer – despite being bigger, more costly and expensive to run than the competitive set.

Anyway, whilst there were alot of interesting suggestions … Gareth decided to put his money where his mouth is and make his strategy a reality.

Yep, despite television advertising in the US costing a bloody fortune, Gareth dipped into his pocket and paid for a bunch of ads to run across all the major networks just to prove his point.  Now that is impressive [not to mention confident!]

You can read all about what he’s done here [though for some reason the article gives the impression General Motors paid for the ads rather than him!?] … however despite going beyond and above the call of duty, his submission is 3 months late so I have the sad duty to notify him he has been automatically disqualified from the assignment.

Sorry mate, but rules are rules! 🙂

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Modernista must pay a fucking fortune, I’m applying for a job there today.

Comment by Billy Whizz

well pay them to take you 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

The “Hummer Heroes” campaign….hm….this seems a bit like trying to shift the perception from that of an arrogant 70’s Arnold Schwarzenegger to something of a righteous boy scout, steeped in American values and morality. It really annoys me when the Marketing Director says “Our brand has always been polarizing, and we’ve always said we are not for everybody,” and yet she goes off and buys a strategy that’s trying to ‘humanise’ Hummer from a ‘fuck you’ brand to a Samaritan one so that it, as she wishfully thinks, will appeal to more people.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

not trying to jusitfy my own entry to the mister Campbell contest but I agree with Fredrik. Hummer should try to become a generational brand like Harley, meaning that they do not change their (for lack of better words) essence/ brand molocule structure. they should keep polarizing…do it good enough you will create a core value clan. do it long ehoung and it will become fashionable (again)

Comment by niko

Hummer has been a ‘fuck you’ brand because its a ‘fuck you, get out of my way’ product.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

great timing on this one because in melbourne at the moment, there are a few hummer trams getting around with their ‘NOW GET LOST!’ campaign. i still really, really fucking hate this brand, but for some reason i can cope with this one. just.

Comment by lauren

Smart Gareth, very smart damn you.

By the way Rob – are you doing the next assignnment thing, or is is Mr Colman? I seem to have lost the thread.

Comment by NP

Smart Gareth, very smart.

By the way Rob, are you doing the next assignment? I’ve lost the thread.

Comment by NP

Great, now my Hummer cut and pasted onto the top of a car dealership just looks amateurish…

Comment by Dave Mortimer

Yes it does Dave – you have to lift your game from now on, ha!

NP, I was under the impression Paul was going to do it and then – as long as no one else wanted to have a go – I’d do another one.

I’ll email you to confirm …

Comment by Rob

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