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Instant Fuckhead: Just Add Advertising [Big] Ego [Small] Talent …
September 27, 2007, 1:23 am
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Scamp … the Dennis Wise of adland… found what I can only call an ‘advertising snuff video’ on the wonderfully evil agencyspy blog.

This clip is basically a ‘greatest hits’ of annoying ad-person traits  [though I admit his Missus/P.A./Whore is cute] and I’m showing it on here in the hope that someone recognises the star of the film, Harry Bernstein [or Harry B to his frat friends] and knocks his hat off when they pass him on the street. [Please Andy, for once do something useful!]

However it’s not all doom and gloom for Harry, at the end of the day I have to say I like him … but only because he has created a Youtube clip that makes my iPod Singing look almost cultural!  YAY!

One word of advice for the Woody Allen look-a-like, in the future may I suggest you leave all spoken words to your copywriter and you stick with the drawing – it’ll be much better for you, trust me …

[I’ve taken the comments off because to be honest, this guy doesn’t deserve any more breath spent on him plus all the really mean stuff has already been said on Scamps and Agencyspy’s blogs.

OK … OK … I’m sure you could all add a new dimension of evil, but save it for someone else who really deserves it – as long as it’s not me, ha!]

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