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A Home, Not A House.
April 20, 2007, 5:17 pm
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This beautiful house belongs to Jill’s grandmother … a wonderful lady who bought it with her husband, over 40 years ago.

It is located in a Sydney suburb called ‘Woolwich’ … and while this location has now become rather grand and exclusive, back then it was a very working class area.

Yes, the house is very stately and impressive [it was built in 1883] but let me assure you that Jill’s Grandparents were/are very humble, down-to-earth people … and its purchase had everything to do with affordability and opportunity rather than them trying to move up the social ladder.

[Back then Australia was far more egalitarian in it’s attitudes and aspirations than today]

Anyway, Jill moved into that house when she was about 6 years old after her family emigrated from their home in Canada. 

While she only lived there for [I think] a couple of years, it developed into a place where – for reasons I won’t go into – she felt [and continues to feel] the most safe, secure and peaceful.

The sad news is that late last year Jill’s Grandad passed away, leaving Granny all alone in that big, beautiful house so with heavy heart and tears of sadness, she has decided to sell it.

Obviously it’s a massive wrench for all involved because it is where the family ‘essence’ was nurtured and developed over many, many years … so I am putting up this post so that Jill can pop into my blog whenever she pleases and revisit a place that has such a special place in her heart. [I wish I could buy it for you Jilly!]

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