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Mike Canterbury …
October 21, 2006, 3:49 pm
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You were the poshest sounding, cleverest thinking, food lovin’, Guinness suppin’, dry humoured, Everton supporting, Scouse Ad Planner that I ever knew …

Despite always speaking in your trademark dour tone … you had a pair of the brightest and most mischievious eyes I’d ever seen and I loved how every now and then, your calm exterior would give way to a wry chuckle – mainly when you realised your good natured evil-streak’ had been exposed.

I’ll never forget that afternoon tea we had in The Rocks, Sydney – where you told me how you had been sarcastic, cheeky and cutting to the Saatchi CD [about Lexus or Olympus, I can’t remember] and yet he still thought you were being supportive, warm and friendly. The giggle [and yes, it was a giggle] was infectious!

It should never of happened – you were way too young – but at least you are free again, and you absolutely deserve to be.

See you around mate … the World’s a crappier place without you! [Go on, admit it – you love the fact I’ve said that don’t you!!]

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