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New Year, New Blog Header …
January 8, 2023, 3:19 pm
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Don’t worry, I’m not back.

This is just a quick acknowledgement of the new blog header by Jill.

Over the years she’s made a bunch of them, all reflecting where we live and what I like.

That said, the first header for this blog was just one of WordPress’ standard images … which was a patch of grass. Literally.

Jesus Christ … what was I thinking?

I’m guessing I chose it because I used to say this blog was to ‘help me grow’ and I thought that justified that choice of image.

It didn’t … which is why I asked Jill to help and things improved dramatically.

That said, the first one she did was this.

Given we were living in Singapore at the time, not Russia, I have no idea why we went with those Russian Doll images … but we did. And then we went from that to me as a cherub – which is even weirder – so I guess I have to accept the headers on this blog started off with no relevance whatsoever to where I was or who I was.

But this is much better.

At least it is kinda contextually accurate.

[Not to mention my beard is fast approaching that length]

And while I acknowledge I’ve been in NZ for 18 months so this should have been done ages ago – blame Jill – I think revealing it at the beginning of a new year is pretty perfect and I have no doubt Colenso will immediately be approached by Tourism NZ to handle all their global advertising, given how beautifully and authentically we have captured the spirit of this nation.


Anyway, hope you all had a good holiday and are having a good new year so far.

At least till I’m back properly.

Which is in less than a month.


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