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We All Have A Responsibility …
October 18, 2017, 6:15 am
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Writing this is complicated as it is easy to look like you’re pandering or trying to be sanctimonious but the #metoo campaign currently running on Facebook – referencing women who have experienced sexual abuse or harassment –  has affected me deeply.

My Facebook feed is literally full of ‘me too’s’.

While I was obviously aware of the problem that women face – and have stepped in on a couple of occasions where I’ve seen it happen in front of my eyes – reading about so many women I care deeply about, acknowledge they’ve gone through this makes me sad and angry.

Sad they have experienced it.

Angry they see it as a price they have to pay for being a woman.

There are many good men in the world, but sadly there is a shitload of opportunist, exploitative, entitled assholes – and I include those men who are good, supportive and protective fathers to their daughters and then are sexist pricks to other women – which is why it can only get better if men stand up against it as much as women.

Men wouldn’t let anyone do that to our children, so we must not let anyone do that to someone else’s child.

We have a lot to learn. A lot to do. A lot to discuss. 

I am so sorry this shit is still normality for women. 

I’m away till Monday, enjoy the peace.

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