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There’s No Accounting For Taste …
December 30, 2008, 1:01 pm
Filed under: Potential Darwin Awards

… Slideshare have highlighted my PSFK preso on their homepage.

I can only assume it is an act of sabotage by one of their competitors as there’s no other plausible explanation for it. Oh hang on, there is … it could be one of my enemies [of which I obviously have loads] who see this as a way to get Sorrell, WPP and/or Getty Images to sue me. The sneaky little buggers!

I know it’s not much and that if I had an ounce of ‘cool’ I’d act all nonchalant about it, but the reality is I’m quite chuffed [and shocked] because I still believe no one [other than my Mum and even she’s questionable at times] gives a damn about what I think, let alone would encourage someone else to read it.

[As you can tell, that doesn’t stop me ranting on like a madman though, ha!]

Of course by tomorrow the link [and this post] will be irrelevant, but like the time I got 2% in my maths exam, it’ll live on in my [and my Mum’s] memory forever, ha!

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