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Are Citibank Doing Irony? ( Filed under: Comment )

This is Citibank’s logo … Photo: Stonetako920 … and in true corporate toady style, their ad agency have incorporated the arc into all executions. They’ve made it represent a bridge between where you [the customer] are, and where you can be with Citibank’s expert help. Of course it’s as cliched as hell – like all […]

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Shareprice Fodder … ( Filed under: Comment )

Photo: The Emperor Dalek So Citibank have announced they’re getting rid of [and that’s the right choice of words] over 50,000 employees. FIFTY FUCKING THOUSAND! This is on top of the alleged 22,000 they discarded earlier in the year when the financial crisis … something they played an integral part in causing … started to […]

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Why Companies Should Stop Seeing People As Walking Wallets … ( Filed under: Comment )

Photo: Archie McPhee Seattle I’m starting to get abit fed up of companies who charge people more money simply because they’ve updated their product/service. I know investing in new technology costs a bloody fortune, but unless there’s a fundamental benefit to the customer, I can’t see why they expect us to pay for what is […]

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Governments In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones … ( Filed under: Comment )

Photo: CleverCupCakes So today is the opening of the Olympics … There’s lots of talk about the games having lost its spirit and now being nothing more than a money focused corporation/event … but that’s nothing new, it’s been like that for decades and if you read Andrew Jennings absolutely brilliant book, The New Lords […]

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Charity Begins With Home … ( Filed under: human_2 )

Today I am asking for your help. For a great number of years, the situation with the homeless has really upset me. I find it absolutely tragic that in this day and age so many people find their only option is living on the street … but what makes it worse is that so many in […]

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