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Banks Are More Parochial Than A Bloke From Wollongong Who Thinks Going To Sydney Is Like Visiting The Moon … ( Filed under: Comment )

A long time ago – when I was living in Singapore – I tried to buy a house in Sydney. That might sound difficult, but it wasn’t really. We already had the finance in place and had organised all the relevant inspections to be done within days of it being listed, so even though we […]

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If You Ever Wanted To Know How Little Your Bank Thinks Of You … ( Filed under: Comment )

I have a problem with a lot of banks. Either it’s their advertising makes me ill, or it’s their service, thought process or rules. That said, there is one bank that I save most of my anger for, and that is HSBC. Originally, it was because their advertising made me angry, their service [or lack […]

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Fucking With The System Makes The World Happy. Or At Least Me. ( Filed under: Comment )

So last Saturday, my mobile phone rang. What follows is the transcript of the entire conversation. Me: “Hello?” Caller: “Is that Mr Campbell?” Me: “Yes.” Caller: “Oh hello, this is HSBC.” Me: “Hello.” Caller: “We’re calling about your recent credit card fraud.” Me: “Oh, OK.” Caller: “First, can I ask you some security questions?” Me: […]

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Who Needs To Fear Nigerian Email Scammers, When You Have Banks? ( Filed under: Comment )

Maybe it’s because I travel a lot. Maybe it’s because I buy a lot of shit. Maybe it’s because I am just unlucky. Whatever the case, I get credit card scammed a lot. From trips to France and on the Orient Express through to new sets of luggage and computers … you name it, I […]

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Some Communication Does More Harm Than Good … ( Filed under: Comment )

So recently I was on a flight and at the start of every program – literally every program – there was this ad for HSBC: OK, I get it … they want to ensure international business travelers view HSBC as the authority for local & international financial knowledge, advice & help. That makes sense for […]

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