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If You Ever Wanted To Know How Little Your Bank Thinks Of You … ( Filed under: Comment )

I have a problem with a lot of banks. Either it’s their advertising makes me ill, or it’s their service, thought process or rules. That said, there is one bank that I save most of my anger for, and that is HSBC. Originally, it was because their advertising made me angry, their service [or lack […]

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Fucking With The System Makes The World Happy. Or At Least Me. ( Filed under: Comment )

So last Saturday, my mobile phone rang. What follows is the transcript of the entire conversation. Me: “Hello?” Caller: “Is that Mr Campbell?” Me: “Yes.” Caller: “Oh hello, this is HSBC.” Me: “Hello.” Caller: “We’re calling about your recent credit card fraud.” Me: “Oh, OK.” Caller: “First, can I ask you some security questions?” Me: […]

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Who Needs To Fear Nigerian Email Scammers, When You Have Banks? ( Filed under: Comment )

Maybe it’s because I travel a lot. Maybe it’s because I buy a lot of shit. Maybe it’s because I am just unlucky. Whatever the case, I get credit card scammed a lot. From trips to France and on the Orient Express through to new sets of luggage and computers … you name it, I […]

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Some Communication Does More Harm Than Good … ( Filed under: Comment )

So recently I was on a flight and at the start of every program – literally every program – there was this ad for HSBC: OK, I get it … they want to ensure international business travelers view HSBC as the authority for local & international financial knowledge, advice & help. That makes sense for […]

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The World’s Local Bank Turns Into The World’s Global Wank. ( Filed under: Comment )

Saw this ad for HSBC by, I presume, JWT … Yep, that kid really is doing an amazing pencil sketch of the Mona Lisa [whilst standing infront of the real thing, obviously] while his young, beautiful, well-dressed parents look on with a sense of pride. Oh what a happy family they look. Perfectly groomed, behaved […]

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