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Why The Musical Genre Of Metal Could Be A Danger To Your Sex Life … ( Filed under: Comment, Crap Marketing Ideas From History!, New Product Mentalness )

I love metal. Not the stuff you build things out of, but the music genre. Now I know some of you regard that as the musical equivalent of ISIS, but I don’t care. Of course I like other genres, but for me, metal is best. Maybe some of that is because – as a guitar […]

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Help Yourself By Helping Society … ( Filed under: Brilliant Marketing Ideas In History, Comment, Human Goodness, IKEA )

So I recently saw a campaign that IKEA did to help a local dog shelter. Basically they put life sized cutouts of the shelters dogs around their store – on beds, on the sofa, sitting around the dining tables – so that as people walked around, they could see the pooches in a home environment […]

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When Good Intentions Go Bad … ( Filed under: Comment )

A few weeks ago I had dinner at a Hard Rock cafe. Once one of the ‘must visit’ venues, it is now a dinosaur trying desperately to maintain relevance. They’re not doing a great job of it. Now I know rock music is not as popular as it once was, but seeing the sweatbands of […]

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You Can Tell Girth Hour Was A Success When … ( Filed under: Comment )

… people are not just sick to their stomachs, but sick to their buckets. Photo: Girth Hour in full swing. [L-R: Before, During & After] Shockingly huge amount of cash raised for the homeless … almost as much as the amount of vomit that raised through our throats. I know that’s an unpleasant image, but […]

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Girth Hour … ( Filed under: Comment )

Photo: Capt Alcoholica So Earth Hour is going to be on us yet again and like every year, I go away a bit more confused than happy. The principal behind Earth Hour is great – raising awareness of the World’s impending environmental catastrophe – however like most advertising today, it seems happier promoting the problem […]

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