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Some Scams Might As Well As Have A Neon Sign On Them, Flashing Scam … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Advertising, Attitude & Aptitude, Authenticity, Communication Strategy, Crap Campaigns In History, Creativity, Culture, Daily Fail, Fake Attitude, Marketing, Marketing Fail, Mischief )

Just like great PR is never seen. And great conspiracies, always feel plausible. Great scams should never let you doubt their validity. Yes, I know a while back I wrote that Bernie Madoff had said that success is as much down to the individuals greed as the scammers ability to appear legitimate … but fundamentally, […]

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I’m One Of The Top Ten Leaders Of The Year … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Attitude & Aptitude, Awards, Cunning, Devious Strategy, EvilGenius )

No, the title of that post is not wrong. I have recently been informed that I’ve been named one of the top 10 leaders of 2021. How good is that? I cannot tell you how happy and proud I am at receiving this accolade. Unfortunately, it’s for an industry I don’t work in … by […]

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Like Walking Across A Minefield In Clowns Shoes … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Advertising, Agency Culture, Attitude & Aptitude, Brand Suicide, Comment, Corporate Evil, Crap Campaigns In History, Egovertising, Marketing Fail, Scam )

I have written a lot about scam in the past. How it is destroying the credibility of our industry. How the main culprits are the agencies behind the bland wallpaper we see each day. How these scam places are devaluing the agencies who make amazing work for real clients. Recently John Hegarty suggested that agencies […]

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When You Say It’s A Lie, You Can Say Anything … ( Filed under: Advertising, Attitude & Aptitude, Comment, Cunning, Devious Strategy, EvilGenius, Fake Attitude )

I am doing a project about land ownership. I know that sounds horrifically boring, but it isn’t. Anyway, as part of my rabbit hole reading and research, I came across one of those sites where you can buy ‘titles’ … like Lord and Lady of the Manor. And then I saw this … Have you […]

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Design Changes Possibilities … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Advertising, Agency Culture, Attitude & Aptitude, Authenticity, Brand, Brand Suicide, Comment, Communication Strategy, Confidence, Content, Context, Creativity, Culture, Design, Distinction, Effectiveness, Emotion, Empathy, Food, Happiness, Imagination, Innovation, Italy, Management, Marketing, Mum, Relevance, Resonance, Strategy )

Yesterday I wrote about laziness in retail, well today I’m going to write about when you care deeply about it. Have a look at this packaging: Maybe it’s because I’m half Italian. Maybe it’s because pasta is my undisputed favourite food. Maybe it’s because the brand uses wheat from the region of Italy my family […]

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