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Goodbye Otis Inheritance … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Advertising, Agency Culture, Attitude & Aptitude, Comment, Creativity, Culture, Immaturity, Professionalism, R/GA, Resonance )

Last year, when I joined R/GA, I wasted my sons inheritance by having an array of stickers made for the team. Of course I did it under the guise of expressing our planning philosophy and approach, but really it was so they could cover their laptops in them like the vandals I wanted us to […]

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To My Darling Jill … ( Filed under: Comment, Jill, Otis, Parents )

There’s no post on Monday. Which is good, because after you read this, you’ll either be sick or shocked and it will give you a little more time to get over it. Ready? Well here we go … Being married to me is hard. Not just for the obvious countless reasons, but because we keep […]

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Some People Light You Up More Than The Sun … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, America, Comment, Emotion, Empathy, Family, Fatherhood, Friendship, Imagination, London, Love, Otis )

When we lived in LA, Otis met a little girl called Elodie. Quickly they became inseparable. While I didn’t write too much about them – though I did here – anyone who knew us in LA will know how deep their connection was. To help you understand, here’s some evidence. It was so beautiful. They […]

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What Sort Of Sick Bastard Comes Up With Stuff Like This? ( Filed under: Attitude & Aptitude, Childhood, Comment, Cunning, Dad, Daddyhood, Fatherhood, Jill, Mum & Dad, Otis, Parents )

When I was a kid, the Rubik’s Cube came out and a nation was transfixed. My Dad bet me 5 pounds I couldn’t do 2 sides and 50 pounds I couldn’t do it all. Now back then, this was big money … and given we didn’t have that sort of money to throw about, I […]

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One Of My Favourite Pictures … ( Filed under: Attitude & Aptitude, Childhood, Comment, Daddyhood, Family, Happiness, Home, Jill, Jillyism, Love, My Fatherhood, Otis, Parents )

Yep that’s Jill playing Otis’ Ben 10 game. Yes, that’s a Macca’s breakfast on the table. And yes, that’s Rosie and our rocking-horse sheep watching on. In fact, the only person not in this photo is Otis … who is a bit miffed his Mum has taken over his game. Of course, Jill claims she’s […]

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