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It Only Took 8 Years … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Australia, Brand, Jill, My Fatherhood, Otis, Parents, Technology )

A few weeks ago I went to pick up Jill and Otis from the airport. They’d been in Australia to see ‘granny’ and had a lovely time. Anyway, when I saw Otis, he immediately told me about an “amazing cool giant robot face” he’d seen in Sydney and showed me a photo he’d taken. As […]

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A Great Big Cup Of Shite … ( Filed under: Colenso, Colleagues, Culture, Jill, Management, Otis )

A few weeks ago, Otis told me I was wasting my money. I asked him if he meant the breakfast I’d just bought him but he said it was everything I spent my money on. I don’t know what brought on that exclamation – and he was laughing as he said it – but I […]

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Innocent Brutality … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Attitude & Aptitude, Comment, My Fatherhood, Otis, Parents )

Having a kid is amazing. I appreciate for some, the thought of that is unbelievable, but for me it’s true. As I’ve written many times, watching Otis grow has been an incredible experience. Amazed at his development. Terrified at its speed. All the cliches of ‘how fast the time passes’ is true … in the […]

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Chip Off The Old Block … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Attitude & Aptitude, Birthday, Daddyhood, Jill, Otis, Rosie, Sky )

On Monday, I posted about why I’m a birthday bastard because I give my colleagues prick pressies in the form of customised cakes. Well as you know, just over a month ago it was my birthday and my son, aged 8, did the same to me. Except his is less prick but definitely owning me. […]

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My Them … ( Filed under: Babies, Cats, China, Dad, Daddyhood, Family, Fatherhood, Home, Jill, Love, My Fatherhood, Otis, Rosie, Singapore )

Look at that photo. Look at my kids. Yes, I appreciate one is a cat, but she isn’t to me. She’s my demanding, complaining, cranky daughter who – bizarrely – is also a grandmother. But only in age. While also being Otis’ ‘kitty sister’. We had Rosie for 7 years before Otis came around. And […]

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