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The Final Countdown … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Attitude & Aptitude, Brand Suicide, Corporate Evil, Hello America, Hong Kong, HSBC, Marketing Fail )

So I feel this week is where I start walking across the bridge from where my life has been to where my life will be. In the next 3 weeks, my life is going to change quite a bit. On Wednesday, I stop working at a place I have loved. Less than a week later, […]

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Rejection With Icing On Top … ( Filed under: Embarrassing Moments )

So when I was at home cleaning out my Mum’s house, I came across all sorts of stuff. From every birthday card I had sent my parents. To old diaries. To old photos. And to old letters. Not love letters. Not family letters. Just letters. God knows why I/Mum kept them, but as I was […]

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Technology Stops You Putting A Firewall Around Your Grief … ( Filed under: Bank Ads, Comment, Death, Mum, Social Media, Technology )

 So obviously this has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. Hardest and most horrible. On top of the pain and trauma of losing my Mum and having to make decisions that directly impacts my history and future … I’ve been fucked over by those bastards at HSBC [again] as well as […]

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As Today Is Supposedly The Day Everything Scary Comes Out … ( Filed under: Bank Ads, Comment, Crap Campaigns In History )

… have a look at this. Yes, it’s a bank trying to sound supportive and inspirational. Actually, it’s not just a bank … it’s Citibank, the company who has been bathed in all manner of scandals from wrongful selling of financial products to the wrongful use of their customers cash and countless things in-between. If […]

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Banks Are More Parochial Than A Bloke From Wollongong Who Thinks Going To Sydney Is Like Visiting The Moon … ( Filed under: Comment )

A long time ago – when I was living in Singapore – I tried to buy a house in Sydney. That might sound difficult, but it wasn’t really. We already had the finance in place and had organised all the relevant inspections to be done within days of it being listed, so even though we […]

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