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Lost In My Own Selfish Sorrow … ( Filed under: Comment, Dad, Death, Family, Mum )

As I mentioned at the time, my Easter holiday was rubbish. I got a virus the day before Good Friday and basically was ill – in bed – for the entire holiday. To pass the time between falling asleep, I watched endless TikTok’s and Reel’s. In-between the wannabe’s and impressive, there were more than a […]

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The Most Unlikely Beautiful Gift You Can Have … ( Filed under: Anniversary, Comment, Dad, Death, Jill, Love, Mum, Mum & Dad, Otis )

Today is the 8th anniversary of my Mum passing. I’ve written a huge amount about how her death affected me. How I realised that the operation to save her life, had cost her her life. And yet, unlike Dad’s anniversary – that looms large over me, every year – Mum’s often slips my mind. There […]

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Being A Donor Is Not Just About Giving Others Life, But Keeping Your Family Alive … ( Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Attitude & Aptitude, Dad, Death, Family, Love, Mum, Mum & Dad )

I was going to say the reason for this post is because I’m still in a sentimental mood from yesterday’s Valentine’s day post. Then I thought, ‘who am I trying to kid?’. Because as much as I appreciate I can be a prick, I know I am also a massive sentimentalist. Which is why this […]

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Emails From History … ( Filed under: Childhood, Dad, Death, Family, Fear, Love, Mum, Mum & Dad )

A while back, I received an email from someone at Queen’s Medical Centre. The QMC is a hospital near where I lived in Nottingham. It was once the biggest hospital in Europe, but its real significance is it is the hospital that saved my eyesight, saved my Mum’s life, saved my Dad’s … until they […]

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Why Nothing Says Love Like Forgetfulness … ( Filed under: Dad, Daddyhood, Death, Family, Jill, Love, Mum, Mum & Dad, Otis, Parents )

I almost forgot today was your anniversary Mum. That’s twice that has happened. Though this time I remembered weeks before the date, which makes me feel a little less guilty than last time. Which was literally a few days. And that was because someone wrote to say they were thinking of me, because they knew […]

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