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I Know Correlation Does Not Mean Causation But …

… but I love this chart.

Like all good conspiracy theories, there’s definitely enough to make you think it could be true. And it could be. Maybe not entirely, but definitely an influence … because the smartphone has become the modern day cigarette … where any moment of pause is a moment to scroll and I can’t think of any moment of pause like queuing up at a supermarket till.

I love this sort of thing.

Yes, I appreciate some are utter bollocks, but when they hit – they really hit.

Like the guy I met who started a TV shopping channel … who told me his goal was to ensure his channels were never anymore than 3 channels aways from sports, because he knew during breaks in the game, men would flick up or down 3 channels from where they were. He then ensured the products being sold during these times were sport/male relevant, which he said gave him a disproportionate opportunity to drive incremental sales.

Was he right?

He thought he was … and given he became a billionaire, there’s a good reason to believe him. Or at least not dismiss him out of hand.

Insight is getting a bad reputation these days. I get it … a lot of what is passed for insight, isn’t. Plus there’s rarely one insight that drives the whole business and it’s very rare to find something unique that others can’t claim. [Though there’s always the option to use them in a way that’s different to how others have interpreted them … which far too often, is literal translation]

But that doesn’t mean we should just dismiss the value of them … because when you do find them, the impact they can have on understanding or igniting a creative point of view is far more powerful than all the eco-systems, models and processes put together.

So here’s to the insight.

Rare, but worth pursuing or at the very least, remain open to them …

As long as you don’t fall for intellectual fiction or conveneient generalisation.

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