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A Deadly Error Of Judgement …

I’ve been at Colenso almost a year.

I know … where the hell has the time gone?

Anyway, recently I got the above message from our IT department which helped me discover that up until that moment … not only had I NOT been on the ‘all agency’ emails, all the agency had not been getting mine either.

What the hell?

And while it meant that I suddenly had 800+ emails to catch up on – not to mention feeling a sense of disappointment that work had missed out on the 8000+ stupid/insulting/inappropriate ‘all staff’ emails I’d written over my time here – I must admit to feeling a deep sense of joy that for all the IT training we’ve had in relation to ‘safe protocols’, someone within that department inadvertently released the most annoying virus they’ll ever see.


Cue: Evil laugh.

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Now if only they had stopped the email offering you the job.

Comment by DH

My condolences.

Comment by Bazza

what the fuck were they thinking. i fucking love youd been left out in the cold and didnt even know. then they fucked it up by telling you. that fucking nicey nice kiwi bullshit cant be kept down. and now theyll regret it forever.

Comment by andy@cynic

IT did it. You know how they are. Hahahaha …

Comment by Rob

And look at what they achieved in that time.

Comment by John

campbell is the human brake of evolution.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks. I remember once being called a ‘stain’ on humanity and it was one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever had. Mainly because of who said it to me who was a prize dick. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I find it novel they send a welcome note when you’re on the all staff email..

Comment by Pete

Classic NZ.

Comment by Rob

137 people are going to discover how bad an idea this was.

Comment by Geoege

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