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If You Think The Young Are Entitled, You Should See The Old …
March 1, 2022, 8:00 am
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I don’t drink.

I haven’t had a touch of alcohol since I was 15 – so a very long time ago.

Fortunately my mates accepted my decision quickly and easily – probably because it meant I would be happy to drive when we went on our visits to the pub etc – however there have been a few people in my time who tried to make me feel bad for my personal choice.

Luckily for me, I can be a stubborn bastard – especially when people try to push their agenda on me – but I don’t mind admitting it has left me feeling pretty horrible at times.

I still remember meeting a senior client at an agency party.

I was relatively early in my career and going to an event was a big thing for me.

Anyway, a client I’d met a few times saw me and asked why I wasn’t drinking.

When I told them the reason, they said:

“I don’t trust people who don’t drink”.

It wasn’t said in jest, they absolutely meant it.

I was shocked, but not as shocked as they were when I replied:

“I don’t trust people who don’t trust people who don’t drink”.

They actually complained about ‘my attitude’ but fortunately my boss told them to think about what they were complaining about and they came to their senses and the issue was quickly – and quietly – dropped, but the possible ramifications on my career were huge.

I say all this because I recently read this:

Seriously, what the fuck is this person doing?

Thinking about it is bad enough … saying it out loud is outrageous … but then having your selfish, hurtful and judgemental view printed in a national ‘newspaper’ is one of the most disgraceful things I’ve ever seen.

What makes it even worse is the persons daughter gave up alcohol because they had a drinking problem.

Here is someone who found the strength to beat a terribly dangerous addiction so they could have a chance at a better, healthier life … and their Mum is pissed it’s messed with the spirit of their family Christmas.

Fuck them.

Seriously, fuck them.

What a horrible, selfish, evil individual.

Can you imagine how the daughter must feel?

Parents are supposed to be there to protect, support and encourage their kids. To help them be strong … to let them dream big … to help them overcome barriers and challenges. But this woman thinks it’s fine to make her daughter feel guilty for overcoming her addiction because it slightly affects a superficial part of the Christmas period.

Boo fucking hoo.

Society loves to talk about the entitlement of youth, but in my mind – what they want is perfectly fair. All they want is a chance for the same sort of future their predecessors have been able to enjoy and that they were promised throughout their education.

That’s nothing like the entitlement of this woman and the millions of people like her – who, for conveniences sake, I’ll call ‘Mail Readers’ – because what they want is to STOP others from having what they enjoy. From possessions, experiences and interruptions.

It’s why I have far more faith in the future of the planet with the young than the old and why I think democracy would be better served if the voting age was limited from 16 to 65.

Not just because it would mean the needs of the young have an increased chance of being seen, heard and acted upon, but also because it creates a fairer pool of opinions so politicians can’t simply play to the needs of the greater – and richer – over-65’s audience.

Though I must admit another motivation for this is it could stop people like Jane Gordon forcing their offensive, twisted, pathetic views on people trying to do something positive with their lives, despite the obstacles and judgement from members of older generations.

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You said, “ What a horrible, selfish, evil individual.”

I think that’s why they work for this particular employer. Despite what Oleg says on LinkedIn (he’s as hard to block out of your feed as Gary V) the Mail and it’s subsidiaries are staffed by utter cun…

Comment by Simon

staffed, owned and read.

Comment by andy@cynic

100% to all this.

And thank you Simon for not going all in on your final word.

Comment by Rob

putins fucking dream girl.

Comment by andy@cynic

What is she doing? She’s writing for the Daily Mail and her insecurity, that’s what she’s doing.

Comment by John

Yep. The central characteristic of all Daily Mail writers and their articles.

Comment by Rob

I don’t trust you either Rob. But not because you don’t drink.

Comment by Bazza

I was joking. Don’t cry. Though I wouldn’t trust you to look after my packet of cheese and onion chips.

Comment by Bazza

or anything of fucking value.

Comment by andy@cynic

Money, food, jewellery, houses, keys, tech, wifi routers, cars, laptops, paintings, walls, chocolate, kebabs, gossip mags, bad taste anything.

Comment by DH

Gossip mags. I forgot about him always stealing Katerina’s US weekly.

Comment by Bazza

Oooooooh, I used to love US Weekly.

I say ‘used to’, but I still will sneak a read if I ever find a copy somewhere. Which I don’t, as the publishing business is an even bigger mess than the ad business. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Do you have Katerina’s email Robert? I would like to check on her and her family.

Comment by George

Just emailed you.
I have already checked in. Thankfully they are physically OK, but emotionally distraught, as you would imagine.

Comment by Rob

Imagine if that was your mom.

Comment by DH


And I can’t. My Mum loved and supported me as opposed to this one who thinks its fine to judge and begrudge in a national ‘newspaper’.

Comment by Rob

Your limitation of voting rights is interesting but needs amending – no votes for Nottingham.

Comment by John


Interestingly I told someone recently about this idea and their reaction was a very strong, “that’s unfair”. She was not old either. So I would be interested to hear what others think about it … because while it is divisive, so is giving power to more people who will be more focused on keeping things the same, than moving things forward.

Comment by Rob

My initial reaction was a mixture of my innate positivity and the observation that it was ironic that you were suggesting an idea predicated on demographic segmentation that you would laugh out of a meeting. Not all x year olds are focussed on the same thing. That said, older people vote more than younger people and that’s a big problem. Personally I think most people are too dumb to be allowed to make any decisions.

Comment by John

I would laugh about it in a meeting. But then I cry at the way the future is being increasingly fucked for younger generations.

Maybe one of the reasons the young don’t vote – but definitely not all – because they know they’ll either be outvoted by the disproportionate power of ‘older generations’ and/or they see politicians caring far more about who will keep them in power today rather than look after the future for those who will be inheriting it. Maybe.

Comment by Rob

id be up for banning all fuckers part of the christian right. theyre as fucked up and dangerous as the booze pushing bitch mum.

Comment by andy@cynic

Younger people have always voted less than older ones and the short-termism has always been there. Maybe the solution lies in giving them a reason to vote and a belief that it will make a difference. How do you do that?

Comment by John

By equalising the pool of voters by stopping the old bastards at the end of life, choosing things that protect their interests over everyone else’s. Which is, as you will have noticed, where we started. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Circular argument you mean? Reducing the number of older voters doesn’t mean that younger voters will increase their voting propensity, so I’m not sure this alone will work because the older segment of your limited franchise will still be the predominant weight of votes.

Comment by John

No it doesn’t. But it does mean they may see their voices are not so easily ignored – because even if they don’t win, politicians will have to start playing to their needs rather than just playing to the certainty of an older audience.

Comment by Rob

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