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Technology Can Make Us More Human …

Technology gets a hard wrap.

It is blamed for all manner of wrongs, when we conveniently forget we are the ones programming it and using it.

Of course, they’re not totally blameless – but like powerpoint – we have to accept that the ‘badness’ that comes from it is, at the very least, equally our own fault.

But sometimes you see something that reminds you of what power technology has.

How is can change how someone looks at the World … feels about that World … thinks about the World.

No where is this more apparent in the area of medicine, where AR is being used in ways that few ever originally considered.

Not just to make people heal, but to make people feel better.

There’s a big difference between those 2, and if you are not sure what they are, then look at this wonderful clip of an elderly, Liverpool football fan, who is suffering from demetia.

Like most things, the role of technology is in our hands. We either use it for good or for evil and the scary thing is – as we’ve found out from countless platform ‘owners’ – the line between them is very thin indeed.

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That is very moving.

I would imagine it meant as much to the family as to the gentleman.

Comment by Lee Hill

Yep … maybe meant even more to the family given they will have seen the changes in their father/grandfather more clearly.

Comment by Rob

I am currently working on a medtech project and it is one of the most rewarding of my career. There is increasing amounts of research that indicates people suffering from dementia or alzheimer’s benefit greatly from treatment that leans into their vision of ”normal” rather than attempts to readjust it. This is a small example of that and it is powerful to watch.

Comment by George

That sounds fascinating George. I would love to hear more next time I see you. Am I correct in thinking Doctors in Holland pioneered this approach as i remember reading about a hospital that was designed to look like a small village so patients didn’t experience the added stress of knowing they were hospitalised. I believe even the staff at the “shops” were medical staff in costume.

Comment by Lee Hill

I think you are talking about Hogewey on the outskirts of Amsterdam. It is an amazing facility. Robert told me about it as a friend of his was one of the architects behind the project. I’ve had the chance to interview him as well as visit the centre as and I left genuinely inspired. I’ve found an article on them from The Atlantic you may find interesting.

Comment by George

So glad your trip and chat to Rudi was good. Can’t wait to see what you are working on – I know it will be even better for their advice and involvement.

Comment by Rob

if campbell went there would it look like a fucking queen fan club convention? that would be my idea of severe fucking mental illness.

Comment by andy@cynic

That Hogeway place is amazing.

Comment by Bazza

It is Baz … it’s an amazing thing. There’s a lot of incredible work being pioneered in Holland in terms of health and duty of care, I wish more places took note from it.

Comment by Rob

He would be very happy if he knew how his team were playing at the moment.

Comment by Bazza

What a great video. Good call on tech too Rob. It’s not all wifi gadgets for you to buy.

Comment by Pete

Apparently so. Who knew?

Comment by Rob

I didn’t.

Comment by Bazza

nerds reached their peak achievement when they invented pornhub. everything else is just casual.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

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