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Mario Has An Accident …

So I love video games.

Absolutely love them.

I’ve had pretty much every console since the bloody Philips G7000.

And trust me, if you can look at that console favorably, you must really love gaming because it was pretty shocking.

But of all the games I’ve played on all the consoles I’ve owned, one has been a particular fave.

Mario Kart.

God I love that game.

So simple yet so addictive and always so much fun.

So while I have that game on countless Nintendo consoles, when I heard it was coming out on the iPhone, I quickly downloaded it.

Only to get this …


Nintendo have always been the bastions of seamless entertainment.

Turn on and play … but they launch a game on the bloody iPhone, a device that could – in theory – open up a huge commercial opportunity for them and it doesn’t work.

Worse, they openly tell you it won’t work for a few days … which begs the question, why launch it?

Maybe it’s not Nintendo’s fault as it has been widely reported Apple launched iOS 13 too early and it’s littered with bugs [another sign that Mr Jobs is long gone] but whatever the reason, as a Nintendo and Mario fan, this has pissed me off … almost as much as it will piss R/GA off when my timesheet is filled with the job code MARIOKRT.


I appreciate this is not exactly the best post for Remembrance Day, or maybe it’s the perfect reminder why we should all get along with our neighbours so we avoid ending up causing a wealth of pain and hurt no one deserves or recovers from.

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I’m sure all soldiers who gave their life are happy it’s allowed you to play Mario on an iphone.

Comment by Bazza

To be fair to Mario, Apple haven’t exactly been seamless recently either.

You know it’s true Baz.

Comment by George

I’m not going to rise to it. You have enough problems to deal with that your colleagues are pointing out without me adding to them.

Comment by Bazza

I’m not getting involved.

Comment by Pete

Is this what happens when tech nerds go bad? Bit different to the way we have been sold by Hollywood with movies like War Games.

Comment by Rob

I love Mario Kart but I am sure I read somewhere that the monthly sub for the iOS game is more than the monthly sub for Apple Arcade. That can’t be right can it?

Comment by Pete

I think that’s an option and I think it is more expensive. But I’ve not faced it yet as I keep winning enough stars from races to automatically qualify as I’m a Mario Kart demon as you should well remember Pete.

Comment by Rob

I seem to remember you would always challenge me after I’d been on a night out. Good strategy but unfair judgement.

Comment by Pete

Before you say it Rob, it’s not a strategic advantage, it’s cheating.

Comment by Bazza

hes got one eye and all the subtlety of a pig in a dress and you still cant beat him? shame. big fucking shame.

Comment by andy@cynic

To quote Rob, it would be like being beaten by Stevie Wonder.

Comment by DH

fucking hell campbell, just when i think youve hit ground zero you find a new fucking depth.

Comment by andy@cynic

Always pushing new boundaries.

Comment by DH

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