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The State Of Adland In A Picture …
November 5, 2019, 6:15 am
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Happy week ahead.

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Comment by Bazza

It appears Andy’s crown of spite is in danger of being stolen.

For spite, read truth. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Is everything alright Rob?

Comment by Pete

I know. Who am I?!

Comment by Rob

I am pretty sure those spaces will be filled soon. For all the words said, I don’t think advertising is dead. The way it operates and the prices it charges probably is but the act of advertising definitely isn’t. I do find it ironic consultancies are so respected and paid so much when they produce even less than the average agency.

Comment by Pete

The consultancy industry teaches us the value of valuing yourself.

We can throw whatever stones we like at them, their starting point is service expertise, not price. The advertising industry seems to have forgotten what made them valuable and has ended up making the work they do and the process they follow to do it, a commodity.

Comment by George

Both of you make a good point.

Advertising isn’t dead, the way it traditionally operates is. The fact the majority of the industry has not adapted is the crime – but even that isn’t as bad as them selling the value of creativity down the river to make the majority of their money on operational management.

Comment by Rob

If you looked at the salaries being paid at senior levels in advertising, I am confident the average person on the street would regard it as an industry thriving or full or thieves.

Comment by Pete

thats the state of planners fucking brains as well.

Comment by andy@cynic

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