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There’s Compliments And There’s Compliments …

We all like to think we do work others appreciate.

Work that others are compelled to tell us how it affected them.

Whether that’s a word of thanks.

Or a pat on the back.

Or a nod of appreciation.

Well, I recently saw a ‘review’ that has to be the best show of appreciation ever made.

How about that then?

As compliments go, that is outrageously good isn’t it.

Especially the bit that says, “Above and beyond anything that is yet to be written”.

That’s right, the reviewer is saying this book is better than anything that we will ever read for eternity.


Even Donald Trump doesn’t have confidence like that.

Now we all know reviews – or positive word-of-mouth – are very important today, so the question is, did the best review of a book ever made make me buy the book?

Nope … because the irony is when someone is too positive about something, it’s more likely to make you suspicious of their tastes than desperate to investigate their passions.

And that’s why I still love planning after so bloody long … because part of it is investigating the madness of humanity rather than selling the sensibleness of robots.

Even if clients would rather it was the other way around.


Well you don’t have to worry about that Rob. Yesterday’s presentation was your high point of praise and that was only because of Martin.

Comment by Bazza

You think I don’t know that?

Comment by Rob

In a parallel universe this blog would be filled with comments of positivity and encouragement and you would never swear. If that happened I know for a fact we would all be lying to ourselves, parallel universe or not.

Comment by Pete

That would be a parallel universe I wouldn’t want to live in.

Comment by Rob

in a parallel universe i would have fucking kept ignoring you at hhcl.

Comment by andy@cynic

Garbage cover and even dumber title….I’m gonna have to take a hard pass.

Comment by Gary Trujillo

I agree, the cover is utterly pants.

Comment by Rob

That review has made me want to buy the book so I can loathe every single page. You are right Robert, excessive praise ignites cyniscim, rather than attraction. At least in those with British heritage. I know many Americans who would view this as an individual wishing to share their positive discovery with others and they would be grateful for it.

Comment by George

So what you’re saying is all the compliments Martin and I got on our presentation yesterday means it was actually a pile of hyped up nonsense? Damnit … I chose the wrong day to write this post didn’t I. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Don’t worry Robert, when multiples of people say the same positive words, you can be sure it encourages interest rather than cynicism.

Comment by Lee Hill

That or they were networking. Positivity is never to be trusted.

Comment by John

Strangely, Jeannette Winterson doesn’t feature on her list of favourite authors on her Wikipedia page.

Comment by John

who the fuck do you think you are? inspector fucking clouseau?

Comment by andy@cynic

didnt some absolute fucktard of a publisher want to make a book of posts from this bollocks? seems the pricks came to their senses. wish they hadnt, I had the best fucking endorsement quote. “dont buy it, its shit, im not joking”.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes they did. Then they disappeared and never spoke to me again … hahahaha.

Comment by Rob

if publishers has been so fucking smart 20 years ago they might still have a functioning business.

Comment by andy@cynic

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