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Love Bores You To Death …

So now my life is spent on the tube, I get to look an endless stream of terrible ads.

In the main, the vast majority are basically brochures shoved into a small space.

No thought about the audience.

No interest in capturing the imagination.

Just blatantly taking the piss by ramming down what they want to say regardless of who will be exposed to it.

While the example above for is not one of the worst, it’s not great.

Putting aside the vast amount of copy on there, I don’t like the idea that their version of love is finding someone who is basically a duplicate of you.

Is that love?

Sure, having things in common is important, but isn’t it the differences that makes things magical?

I know for a fact that Jill has made me a better person simply because she is not me.

Her view of the World.

Her experiences.

Her hopes, dreams and ambitions.

The last person I can think I’d want to be with is another version of me.

OK, so they then end their ad by saying ‘meet that one person you never thought you’d meet’, but even though that gives a nod to your ideal partner having as many differences as commonalities, they’re still selling the idea that there’s only one person in the World right for you … which is not only bollocks, but emotionally manipulative.

But if that’s not bad enough, it’s the fact they say they ask 150 questions for each member.


Look, I get love is complex, complicated and deeply personal but 150 questions?

Jesus …

I wouldn’t mind, but according to some, you can make anyone fall in love with you if you just ask them 36 questions.

I know there have been a bunch of relationships that have formed because of eHarmony, but I wonder how many of those occurred simply because 2 people were in the right mindset for a relationship rather than because of the answers of their 150 questions.

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That’s why people prefer tinder. No questions.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I know you don’t know this but most relationships last more than a night.

Comment by Bazza

I must really like them if ithey’re there all night.

Comment by Billy Whizz

You never change do you Billy.

Comment by George

You don’t change perfect.

Comment by Billy Whizz

A unique version of perfect.

Comment by Rob

That’s more questions than a murderer suspect would get.

Comment by Bazza

For less of a prison sentence.

I’m here all week.

Comment by Bazza

You can go now.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I just can’t work out why you’re single Baz.

Comment by Rob

I can.

Comment by Billy Whizz

That does seem an excessive number of questions. I wonder if that is designed to give seeker the belief their needs are really being taken into account or if it really is the number of questions deemed to find the ideal match. If it is the latter, then I am the exception because I knew Mary was the one within 3 questions on our first date.

Comment by George

Though I am not sure if that volume of questions would encourage considedered or flippant answers.

Comment by George

so fucking sweet to think you had a say if you and m got together. deluded asshole.

Comment by andy@cynic

You make two excellent points that are universal truths.

“The last person I can think I’d want to be with is another version of me.”

Nobody reads long copy.

Comment by John

or any length of campbells copy.

Comment by andy@cynic

50 Cent only asks 21 questions, and I’d probably leave out the ones about being locked up or driving a Benz.

The only person I know who loves a clone of himself isn’t a person at all. It’s The Cat from Red Dwarf.

The only things I ever notice about ads are the typos. I’m wired funny, and a clone of me would drive me up a wall.

Comment by Up In Your Business

you dont need to ask a fucking question to know to stay away from campbell. what the fuck was jill doing? charity.

Comment by andy@cynic

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