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I’m Even More Confused By Who I Am …
November 7, 2018, 6:15 am
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So a while back I wrote about how I had one of those DNA tests done to identify my heritage and when it came back, it didn’t resemble anything I expected.

Well unsurprisingly I recently got an email saying they had ‘updated’ my results to better reflect my information.

“I knew it” … I said, with a self-satisfying smugness that they had got it wrong.

That was until I pressed the link and discovered this …

I’m still only 1% British and 27% Italian … but now I’m a whopping 64% European Jewish.

Now I have absolutely no problem with that, except – as I said in my earlier post – my Mum’s family have been Italian for many generations and my Dad’s family have been British for many generations so either there’s some big family secret or, as I suspect, Rosie the cat did some fiddling with my sample before I sent it off.

The reality is it doesn’t bother me, but it does intrigue me.

What is the truth?

What would my parents say?

Why am I not religious in any way whatsoever?

Whatever the answer – and let’s be honest, we’ll never really get one – it highlights that nothing is as it seems, however hard we try to make it so.

People who voted for Donald Trump should remember that fact in particular.

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Well it does fit explain your complicated persona. ; )

Comment by Pete

God, how depressing. And true.

Comment by Rob

Even DNA can’t explain you.

Comment by Bazza

Didn’t DNA do exactly that?

Comment by Pete


Comment by Bazza

And to think Steve Jobs thought you were smart Baz.

Comment by Rob

jobs thought he was a talking gnome who would look good in his garden. at the back of his garden.

Comment by andy@cynic

I find this really exciting. That chart represents hundreds, maybe even thousands of years of history and travel. Just think of the stories your DNA could tell.

Comment by Marcus

seeing that his DNA traveled for free, at least one thing about current Campbell makes sense..

Comment by Niko

you evil fucking genius niko.

Comment by andy@cynic

Almost like old times … which is lovely and horrifying at the same time.

Comment by Rob

This blog is a time machine. Except it only goes backwards.

Comment by Bazza

his dna would be a long history of liking the shittest of whatever was shit at the time.

Comment by andy@cynic

Mutts are smarter dogs than purebreds.

Comment by Paul Macfarlane

theres always an exception to prove the fucking rule.

Comment by andy@cynic

Life is complicated yet beautiful!!

Comment by Half Glass Full

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