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Kids Today Are Different To Kids Yesterday …

I’ve written in the past how Otis has taken after his dad in terms of loving tech.

An iPad encouraged him crawl at 10 months old.

He uses Alexa to interact with the house.

Youtube is his preferred entertainment channel, which he is incredibly proficient at working his way around … which, given the way they are running things, means we have to pay even closer attention to what he’s doing than ever.

He doesn’t understand why things like the television don’t respond to the same hand gestures as Daddy’s iPhone.

It’s amazing.

But what really blew me away was when a few weeks ago, he called me over to show me this:

Yes, it is a better looking version of me, but the reason I was blown away was he did it.

All of it.

From finding a photo of his Dad … uploading it to an app on his iPad … to editing, creating and playing with the image.

And he’s only three years old.


Now I appreciate the technology is more available than in the past and the programs are more user-friendly than in the past … but it still astounds me how much kids can embrace and engage the unknown.

Sure it’s been designed with them in mind – which is testimony to the people behind the app – but for a 3 year old to be able to manipulate photographs astounds me and, with a bit of luck, means the future of the World might be in better hands than those in the present.

Here’s hoping.

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Can we hire him now?

Comment by Bazza

im his agent.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes. But he requires a $1,000,000 signing on fee.

Comment by Rob

you mean hes trying to disguise you so he can deny you are his dad. kids smart. must take after his mum except in her husband choices.

Comment by andy@cynic

Seems Otis has better brain development and design skills than his dad.

Comment by DH

is that app toca boca? best fucking kids stuff out there.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m just discovering of Toca Boca but it is brilliantly designed and thought through.

Comment by Pete

I think it is. Bloody brilliant … especially when the only stuff I had as a kid to try and draw faces were either a pen and paper or some fuzzy felt, a bunch of fabric cast offs, put in a box and charged for. Genius.

Comment by Rob

I love the fact he imagines that’s the hair you would have if you had any.

Comment by Northern

Yes … what makes it worse is he rubs my head and say’s, “Daddy’s got no hair”. Thanks for rubbing it in son.

Comment by Rob

my kids call be badly one kenobi

Comment by Northern

that should have been baldy one kenobi

Comment by Northern

I love the mistake version more.

Comment by Rob

I couldn’t do that now. Otis has just humiliated me at 3.

Comment by Pete

I know, I still remember your decks.

Comment by DH

Awesome post.

What encouraged you to crawl?

Comment by Bob


Comment by Rob

now you know how we fucking felt working with you.

Comment by andy@cynic

He improved your look. Congratulations Otis.

Comment by Lee Hill

I love wonderful Otis.

Comment by Jemma King

BIG fan of Toca Boca – I must have bought or downloaded all of their apps by now. My kids still use most of them and they’re now almost 6 and 8.

What’s lovely is one of the main illustrators used to be a relatively well known french graffiti artist back in the day and this is now his gig. Superb!

Rob. You look… better? *shrugs*

Comment by Oz Dean

From graffiti to kids apps. #Adulting

Comment by DH

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