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Equality Is About Letting People Be Free To Express Themselves, Not Conform To The Majority …
September 20, 2017, 6:15 am
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A little word with big consequences.

It’s also a word that – in my opinion – is often misunderstood.

I have been very fortunate in my life.

I’m white.


British [with a large dollop of Italian]

Loved and supported by wonderful parents.

But if you don’t have one of these attributes – or god forbid, have none of these attributes – your life is going to be impacted negatively in some way.

Now there is definitely a movement to try and improve things … to ensure people who have been subject to prejudice in the past to be treated fairly in the future … and that is a great thing [even though it should never be something that needs to be consciously done] but the word ‘fairly’ often translates to being allowed to act like the majority act.

On first impression you might think that is a good thing, but it isn’t, it’s saying that rather than be able to express yourself without fear or judgement, it’s saying you are allowed to express yourself as long as it is in ways the majority regard as acceptable.

At the heart of it, it’s still based on prejudice and that’s why equality shouldn’t be about acceptance by your standards, but acceptance of the other person being able to express themselves freely and honestly.

The thought of that might be tough for some, but if you accept that fundamentally people are good – and they are – then all it will do is inject more good into our World, and we could all do with a bit of that.

Big thanks to Nika and Maya for helping me see this more clearly, though judging by this photo of Otis at his multi-cultural, hippy-led, pre-school [and I mean that in the best way], it seems he knew this before his old man.

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fuck me, youve become oprah.

Comment by andy@cynic

the old oprah, not the new sycophantic, hanging with my rich celebrity mates version. somewhere in this is a compliment to you for this fucking post.

Comment by andy@cynic

Living in LA means the new one will emerge soon enough.

Comment by John

The birkenstock Oprah.

Comment by DH

What an excellent post. You have inspired me to explore our diversity policies to ensure they are designed for freedom, not just inclusion.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’d be fascinated to hear what you find out.

Comment by Rob

And thank you for that separation, it’s perfect.

Comment by Rob

Brilliant Rob. I wonder how many companies view diversity as variety rather than taking a stance of genuine acceptance for differing beliefs, backgrounds and heritage. Really like this post.

Comment by Pete

Thank you Nika and Maya.

Comment by Mary Bryant

How did this subject come about Robert?
That is a very sweet photo of little Otis.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Guessing he screwed up. That’s Rob’s normal method of learning.

Comment by DH

Actually I didn’t screw up Dave [for once]. To answer your question Mary, when I arrived in America and Deutsch, I asked a couple of my team to help me understand what ‘diversity’ meant here. Not from the companies perspective, but those who it is meant to include. Part of this was because I was interested to know if it was working given the state America is in, part of this was because I know corporate America is politically correct to the extreme and part of it is – I admit – because I didn’t want to screw up.

What Nika and Maya did helped me realize that many companies screw up – not because their intent isn’t genuine – but because their understanding of ‘diversity’ is only from their perspective.

What I learned has affected me hugely and I’m hopefully a better person for it.

Comment by Rob

You are a good man Robert.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Equality should be about making the excluded feel happy and valued. All too often, it ‘s about making the majority feel good about themselves.

Comment by John

Isn’t that what Rob just said?

Comment by DH

never defend campbell again. are you fucking mad?

Comment by andy@cynic

No. That’s why I wrote it.

Comment by John

Yes … that’s the point and it can only happen if people are given the place and space to truly be themselves without the fear of judgement. The amount of people I’ve spoken to who feel they have to live 2 personalities is incredible. Of course we all do that to some extent, but for many ‘minorities’, it’s more than just typical behavior, it’s about actively and acutely being aware of suppressing elements of who they are to fit in with who they think they are expected to be.

Comment by Rob

Now you’ve got me wondering what elements of yourself you suppress?

Comment by John

Don’t question it, be grateful for it.

Comment by Rob

Just reading you acknowledge how fortunate you are being born white, male and to supportive parents is a big deal. Few do. Then to hear you acknowledge minorities have to put fitting in before being themselves, and wanting to do something about it, is inspiring. Thank you Rob, Maya and Nika.

Comment by MinorityRules

Hello MinorityRules. You’re very kind but I wasn’t saying this because I wanted to look good, but because I wanted to highlight how someone who was raised to treat everyone equally and passionately believes in the importance of that was still able to miss the point in terms of how to ensure diversity truly existed within organisations.

Comment by Rob

Good to see Otis is a player.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I love you Rob Campbell.

Jemma xoxox

Comment by Jemma

I’ll remind you of this post next time you criticise me for pink shoes and shaven legs

Comment by Northern

There are limits.

Comment by Rob

On a more serious note that picture is lovely
I’m spending every day telling my son it’s okay to love reading about whales and spiders rather than football, and telling my daughter there is no contradiction between wanting to ride a bike faster than daddy and loving party dresses
Love the distinction between freedom and inclusiveness

Comment by Northern

That is a subject very close to my heart right now. Infant I write about it on Friday so I’ll be interested to hear your perspective on it, given you are a far more experienced Dad than me. But then, who isn’t!

Comment by Rob

Blimey don’t ask me as you suggest no one really knows what they’re doing, just get them trying everything under the sun if they like or they don’t it’s fine just help them towards finding something they love hopefully more than one thing

Comment by Northern

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