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The World Hasn’t Gone Mad, It’s Gone Ridiculous …

A week today is my last day at Wieden, so what I’m about to write shouldn’t matter. But it does.

You see, last week I received an email from a rather well known publisher.

A publisher of books.

They wanted to ‘have a chat’.

So obviously I was kind of intrigued so I called them and do you know what they said …





Despite the utter stupidity of that suggestion, I am not going to deny my ego was well and truly stroked … which is why they brought me down to earth when they added “We don’t want all your posts, just the ones where you have something others will find valuable to read”.

Putting aside that with that filter, it’s going to be more pamphlet than book, I still find it rather exciting and can only assume their business model is built on the belief that people will pay a couple of quid to get to the few posts that are worth reading rather than spend hours traipsing through shite looking for them.

Hmmmmmn, not the best investment argument I’ve ever heard.

But here is where you come in.

You see I’ve been asked to choose the 100 posts that I think are valuable.

I know, 100. Talk about being optimistic.

Anyway, if this goes ahead, they want to pitch it as a business book [I swear I’m not making this up] … which I assume means less posts about my best friends penis size and more about businessy-stuff. I’m pretty sure that down the line, I’ve written a few of them – whether it was on strategy, creative briefs or recruitment – however in the unlikely event there’s a post on here that you remember as having some value, could you let me know because I sure-as-hell don’t want to spend months going through 10+ years of rubbish only to realise there’s nothing on here that I actually like anymore.


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Now this. I’m so depressed.

Comment by DH

For once, you’re fully justified.

Comment by Rob

You only have 5 topics on this blog. Planning, penises, queen, forest and nottingham. Who would want to read a book about any of that?

Comment by DH


Comment by Billy Whizz

When you put it like that, it makes even less sense.

Comment by Rob

I don’t think this will save the publishing industry.

Comment by Bazza

I’d help but I’ve never read any of your posts.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Never thought it would happen, but Billy FTW.

Comment by DH

Congratulations Robert. I would buy a copy if only to see what had made the cut. There are plenty of great posts for you to choose from, but I would focus more on the business side of your writing than your best friends most prized asset.

Comment by George

The best ones are those with links to me because I get a share in the advance.

Comment by John

I admire your optimism John.

Comment by George

Advance not royalties.

Comment by John

Nobody buys long copy.

Comment by John

Maybe not in advertising but people are definitely buying long copy. Whether they are actually taking the time to read it is another thing.

Comment by George

True enough.

Comment by John

If they asked for one more post, they could pitch it as Business 101. But they work in a dying industry with no ideas, so they didn’t.

Comment by John

The good news is your posts cover such a broad range of subjects you could write multiple books with each one pitched to a different audience.

Comment by Pete

But he’ll mainly appeal to the novelty christmas stocking filler market.

Comment by DH

And it will still be the worst present they get.

Comment by Rob

How much are they asking you to pay?

Comment by Ian Gee

Well done Robert. Your book would be more entertaining than the majority of business books I read.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’m genuinely chuffed for you, Robert.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Will it be as long as the cynic procrastination book?

Comment by DH

this is fucking worse than brexit and trump. i go away on a fucking holiday and come back to a fucking alien invasion on fucking sanity. what the fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

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