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July 24, 2013, 6:18 am
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Look at that photo.

Isn’t it amazing!

A ship from the 1600’s.

A giant, silver US Navy airship hanging in the air.

A flotilla of small, relatively modern boats giving chase.

And a modern, urban city emerging in the distance from the sea.

It’s even more amazing when you find out it’s genuine.

No photoshop.

No computer graphics.

No nothing.

It was taken in 1957 and captures the moment the Mayflower II heads into NYC after completing it’s transatlantic voyage.

The story of the boat is amazing enough, but that photo is just magnificent.

I am utterly transfixed by it, mainly because it’s so mental and yet it’s absolutely true.

I love that.

I love that those things happen, maybe not every day, but some days.

When you consider I work in an industry that is constantly trying to capture societies attention … using more and more outlandish approaches to interrupt our busy lives … the opportunity to make or do something that literally affects people for decades to come is there for the taking and yet so often, we choose to shun reality and create a momentary distraction that rarely ends up distracting.

And that’s why I love the vault of lost photographs that National Geographic has just launched.

Page after page of stunning moments from past and present, earth and solar system.

NatGeo have always been masters of capturing humanities most wonderful moments [as well as some of our most terrible and destructive] and this tumblr account reminds us that so many of these things are all around us if we just look at our a bit World differently.

We should all try it some time.

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That is pretty amazing. It’s like someone went crazy with photo shop, except they didn’t!

Comment by My Nomad Life

“We choose to shun reality and create a momentary distraction that rarely ends up distracting.” Nicely said, especially against the backdrop of that amazing photo.

Comment by Bazza

That photo is unreal. Except it is. Twisted.

Comment by Billy Whizz

There must of been some great drugs around in the 50s.

Comment by Billy Whizz

And people think it all happened in the 60’s. Fools.

Comment by Rob

There is not much to say besides that is an awe inspiring photograph.

Comment by George

Not as good as Avatar though is it. And that was in 3D.

Comment by DH

I feel guilty about laughing at this comment.

Comment by Pete

Yellow card.

Comment by Rob

Amazing photograph Rob. It’s sad to say it but I think the days where this sort of thing could happen are over. Not enough “ROI” to justify it I’d imagine.

Comment by Pete

You clearly don’t work where George does.

Comment by John

I was paraphrasing what some people would say today, it doesn’t reflect my view.

If I had my way, I would have more of this happening in the World. It’s inspiring.

Comment by Pete

Amazing photograph.

Thank you for ending my day on a positive note Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

Was it that bad then Lee?

Comment by Rob

As a kid National Geographic and Life magazine were responsible for opening my eyes to the world. At 8 or 9 years old I recognized non biased reporting and photo journalism – I found truth on those pages. 🙂

Comment by Notes To Ponder

Few things remain unimproved by airships.

Comment by Chris

In the spirit of the post have you seen this

Comment by northern

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