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Help Me, Help The People Of Sichuan.
April 26, 2013, 8:28 pm
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I know … I know … one blog post a day is bad enough, but two!

Well yes, but this is for a good cause. A very good and important cause.

On Monday I wrote about the terrible situation in Sichuan, thanks to yet another horrendous earthquake.

Over the past 5 days, a few of us have been doing all we can to identify what we can do to help.

Having spoken to some people on the ground – as well as some friends at charities – we discovered there were 5 fundamental issues.

1. Not many people outside of China even know of the situation in Sichuan.

2. Many people feel that because less people have suffered than in 2008, somehow the seriousness of the situation is not as bad.

3. The fear of corruption means many are holding back from offering help or donations.

4. The charities and government are focusing all their attention on the situation today – and tend to not look at the medium/long
term needs of the region.

5. People in Sichuan are finding it very hard to find all the information they need to help them get on with their lives.

On top of talking to some of our clients to ask them to help get urgent supplies to the area, we have ended up focusing on 2 things …

+ Drive global awareness of this situation.

+ Help local society get back on their feet.,/em>

With this in mind, we’re currently working on a number of initiatives, from developing a range of iconography designed to get spread around the World to highlight the plight of Sichuan to clothing and toy collections that will get delivered in approximately 2 months time – when we’ve been told many of the donations tend to dry up – to developing a website [& links to WeChat] has will provide links for all the key groups/government departments and charities that the people in Sichuan will need to get back on their feet..

However to get things happening, we have created a Facebook page and a blog that is pulling together uncensored stories and photographs about the situation in Sichuan so we can hopefully get the World to start to understand what is going on there … how they can help and, more importantly, that regardless of the scale of the disaster, it’s still a disaster and humanity needs to pull together.

Our Facebook link is here

Our blog is here

I appreciate these are small things but at this point, anything and everything helps, so can I please ask a huge favor and ask you to link to these 2 destinations in all your social media channels because we want to try and get as many people as possible to see, visit and read the information, because the more people know, the more we believe they will want to help our friends in Sichuan.

Other stuff is on-going – and I’ll hassle you when that is up – but all our information says that the World isn’t paying enough attention, either because they don’t know, don’t think it’s as bad as 2008 or don’t know who to trust … so helping get this out, is a small – but important – stage in hopefully helping.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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