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Who Needs To Fear Nigerian Email Scammers, When You Have Banks?
December 10, 2012, 6:12 am
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Maybe it’s because I travel a lot.

Maybe it’s because I buy a lot of shit.

Maybe it’s because I am just unlucky.

Whatever the case, I get credit card scammed a lot.

From trips to France and on the Orient Express through to new sets of luggage and computers … you name it, I have inadvertently funded it.

Just my luck I have scammers who have expensive – and sophisticated – tastes.

Now the good [?] news is that because this sort of thing is so rife, the credit card companies are relatively quick to sort it out … or so I thought … because last week I discovered someone had spent almost US$10,000 on my Visa card [at the NYC Apple Store no less] and HSBC couldn’t have been more unhelpful.

Apart from taking TWENTY MINUTES to answer the phone, they then told me they couldn’t do anything until I wrote in to officially tell them there was a problem.

I asked why ringing them up and telling them there was a problem, wasn’t enough … but they said “it was the rules”.

This is also the bank that told me they couldn’t act on my requests as I was in China [and the money & branch I was calling was located in Hong Kong] and that to ‘authorize any action’, I’d have to come into that specific branch.

OK, I appreciate taking instructions over the phone is open to exploitation but I’m supposedly one of their Global Premier customers – which is supposedly for people in my exact sort of ‘live-in-lots-of-countries’ situation – but no one at the Shanghai HSBC offices say they can help me.

And they call themselves the World’s local bank.


Access to my money aside, I am now in the situation where I have to wait over 2 months until HSBC tell me whether they accept they have authorized a fraudulent transaction.


Can someone tell me what exactly I am paying an annual fee for?

What makes it even more frustrating is that normally, when I’m overseas, they call me every time I try and use my card to ‘check’ it’s a valid transaction – so how they allowed this to happen is beyond me.

And to think I used to believe it was just their ads that were bollocks.

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I thought you wouldn’t mind.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Did you discover this because you still do your weekly finance round up with your hundreds of bank account security tags? You keep on top of your cash more than the treasury. I’m guessing you did because 10k on tech is a normal lunchtime activity for you isn’t it?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Wrong. Getting 10k of tech for free is. No wonder you noticed it. Bet Baz was over the moon he’d finally got some cash out of you.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I remember that. More keys than a prison warden.

Comment by Pete

You’ll be happy to know it’s still the case – I get my exercise carrying my keys to-and-from the office each and every day.

And yes, my colleagues do take the piss, so even though you’re not here – it feels like you are.

Comment by Rob

Being able to have someone spend 10 grand on your credit card is why you’re a global premier account holder Rob. Not because you move a lot.

Comment by DH

You know HSBC stands for “Horrible Service. Broken Cause.”

Comment by DH

At this moment, it represents ‘Horrendously Shit Banking Crap’.

Comment by Rob

This has happened a lot to you? Are you unlucky or is this a scam that is happening a lot in Asia in particular?

Do you know what kit they bought? If its something you haven’t got yet, I’m guessing that would make you doubly angry.

Hope it works out soon, though relying on a bank to make things better doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Banks are becoming the experts in destroying their brand.

Comment by Pete

There is nothing in the Apple store that Rob won’t have. He’s probably got his hands on a iPhone 6 already. The fool.

Comment by DH

If you give me the accout details, I’ll work on expediting this.

Comment by john

By the look of things, you can get them online,

Comment by Rob

Is this your excuse for not buying us any christmas presents?
It appears that when HSBC say they are the World’s local bank, they mean it in the sense that they are as bad as every other bank around the World. Disgusting behaviour but should anyone really be surprised?

Comment by George

Thank you Robert. If you could allow a few more credit card fraud criminals to be let loose in our store, our share price would appreciate it.

Comment by Bazza

They have banks in China??? You do realize that even though the charge hasn’t come through yet, the young wanker who killed himself in the Ferrari with the two naked chicks… Bought it on your fucking credit card!!!

Comment by adscamgeorge

Don’t China own all the banks in America these days George. Or do they just own America?

Comment by George

It’s tough at the top.

Comment by Bing


So HSBC have finally got round to looking at my situation. What a shame that:

1. They allowed an additional SEVENTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to go through on my card before stopping it.

2. They actually haven’t stopped it at all – instead, canceling a bunch of legitimate purchases that now means I have to go to the hassle of contacting all the genuine traders and explain the issue and try and get HSBC to reverse their reversal.

They are, without doubt, utterly, utterly shit.

Comment by Rob

Were any of these purchases building materials in Canada?

Comment by john

For 27k, you could buy canada.

Comment by DH

Sorry to hear this Robert.

When will banks understand this is exactly the sort of situation that can help them turn around negative perception. Sadly, it appears they believe this is their chance to cement it.

Comment by Lee Hill

It wouldn’t have been this way if you’d of got Northern Rock.

Comment by Rob

No it wouldn’t, you’d have had limitless interest-free credit.that you didn’t have to pay back.

Comment by john

what the fuck does he need an interest free, limitless mortgage when the bastard owns half the fucking planet and paid for it with my bastard cash. he probably loans cash to branson. not that im bitter. oh no. im fucking sicker than a queen fan.

Comment by andy@cynic

As a planner on First Direct I have no opinion of this

Comment by northern

i launched that fucker, so treat it with respect even if its bound to have gone down fucking hill since i left it.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s probably unsaveable

Comment by northern

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