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Is This An Ad Or An Experiment By Freud To Discover How Weird Or Sexually Repressed You Are?
November 13, 2012, 6:10 am
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Remember when I wrote that post about how some ads in China are ‘interesting’?

Of course you don’t, because you don’t read the posts do you.


Anyway, I saw one that pretty much sums up when it all goes uber-wrong.

OK, so it’s an editorial ad rather than a full-on campaign.

OK, it doesn’t feature a plethora of rational facts or celebrities … but it’s still mental.


The funny thing is that the ad is for advertising in a local newspaper … so it makes it sound like the reason they think it’s a ‘great marketing opportunity for China’ is because people rip up the pages and turn them into those decision maker type things we used to do as a kid.

In other words, the next generation of rationale for advertising in magazines that sit in dentists waiting rooms for years on end.

It doesn’t just sit there on the reception desk, it gets you involved.

It’s interactive.

It’s print 2.0 … bridging the gap between print and digital.


Anyway, because I am a sad, bitter, stupid shit … I emailed to ask how many people will use my ad to turn into a children’s toy and how long can I expect it to withstand the harshness of Shanghai [acid] rain.

So far I am still waiting on a response.

I hope it doesn’t end up being from the immigration department.

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You got one thing right with this post. I only know that because you said it in the first few lines which is all the attention I give to your ranting. Congratulations.

Comment by Billy Whizz

PS. It’s not the bit where you call us bastards.

Comment by Billy Whizz

nice billy. fucking nice.

Comment by andy@cynic

I can just imagine a media sales guy giving that speech Rob. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, especially for you.

Good to see your mischievous spirit is alive and well. It’s not as confrontational as some of your previous escapades, but I’m confident that is down to a lack of opportunities rather than you suddenly maturing.

I’m always shocked at how bad editorial advertising is. Well, not shocked, more alarmed that the marketing department doesn’t take control and tell their colleagues they’re sending out a negative image. Then with the state of many marketing departments these days, they probably came up with it.

Comment by Pete

its hardly jackass is it pete.

yes, campbell has been more of an annoying, mischievous, little fuck in the past, but this isnt one of those times. this is the retiree version of campbell. which is why i dont like him as much these days.

come on campbell, prove to me theres life in the old dog yet. actually dont bother, i dont give a fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

Less bold. Just as tragic.

Comment by DH

keeps the fucker amused and occupied though doesnt it.

Comment by andy@cynic

I love the character assassination that goes on here. Mainly because it keeps all the other internet trolls away. Possibly.

Comment by Rob

They probably think people still read long copy.

Comment by John

Not by the looks of their editorial ad.

Comment by Pete

we know one fucking person who does. and he likes queen so who the fuck would want him as a customer.

Comment by andy@cynic

bet dan would be over the fucking moon to know youre using his pension money so fucking effectively. even goldman fucking sachs are more focused on their fucking clients than you campbell and thats saying something.

of course the alternative is you do your job and the outcome of that would be even more fucking disastrous so keep up the good (no) work. it might be costing uncle dan a small fucking fortune but its better for us all overall.

Comment by andy@cynic

Better to know where your enemy/nightmares are than to live in fear of them striking when you least expect it.

God, I sound like Donald Rumsfeld.

Comment by Rob

Great font choice. Captures their professionalism in business perfectly.

Comment by DH

I love it. It captures mindless consumerism in an unabashed sort of way. Not that all marketing is mindless consumerism. How much is a worthwhile discussion.

Comment by Charles Edward Frith (@charlesfrith)

15%? That’s probably being generous.

Comment by Rob

That font is terrible

Comment by northern

at least its not fucking campbell favourite impact. though to be fair to the prick, hes evolved (if thats the fucking word) to bastard cooper black, american typewriter and some thin bastard version of helvetica. bet dan is so proud.

Comment by andy@cynic

TBWA insisted on their own bloody font which meant you either PDF’d EVERYTHING or they got it in rich text


Comment by northern

Poor. Although I wondered if the image was at least a non-cliche’d way of representing luck and the hopes of success.

Still poor though.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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