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Back To The Future? Wish I Hadn’t Bothered …
November 8, 2012, 6:15 am
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After all the emotion of yesterday’s post, I thought I’d bring things back to the normal [low] standards you’d expect from this blog by being out of date.

What am I talking about?

Fuck knows … however one of the the main [read: only] reasons I like blogging is that I can see how my life and opinions have changed over the years.

With this in mind, I thought I’d see what rubbish I was writing about on this very day over the past few years and see if there were any momentous situations, events or news that occurred or whether – like today – it was my usual brand of crap dressed up as crap.

November 8th 2011

There’s no post, mainly because I was flying to Australia to speak at a NineMSN conference.

The only semi-interesting bit about this post is that it refers to a conference where, a few days earlier, I had been misquoted and ended up looking an even bigger twat than usual.

November 8th 2010

God knows what I was up to, because yet again, there’s no post.

Admittedly there’s no post because I was visiting my Mum – so at least I was doing something more useful than my usual bollocks – but god knows what I was actually doing.

Mind you, the post from a few days earlier was quite good, it’s the one where I got the office to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to my Mum.

November 8th 2009

Proof I’m a good son, I’m away again – visiting my Mum on her birthday.

Of course, I made amends on my return by basically insulting and upsetting the entire audience of the American Chamber of Commerce with a misguided comment about Lee Harvey Oswald.

November 8th 2008

Away again. Jesus. But just one day before, things were a lot more interesting when I pick a fight with Ogilvy.

Actually, I seemingly tend to pick fights with pretty much any agency that sells their – and our industries – credibility down the river, by acting like fucking tools in a desperate attempt to look ‘cool, young and fun’.


That said, when you revisit it, you can’t help but leave with the overriding impression that I did it so I could shamelessly plug Sunshine, our relatively short-lived – but fun – joint venture adventure with M&C Saatchi.

Mind you, they started it when their Athen’s office did one of the worst agency songs since Sapient Nitro’s ‘Idea Engineer’.

November 8th 2007

I was living in Singapore and it was a public holiday so I put up a post about the making of our VB Stubby Symphony spot – practically the day before we got fired for the arrogance and stupidity of holding company politics.

The day before, Nov 7th, is much more errrrm, entertaining.

I find some random – and almost definitely questionable – chart that states on a per capita basis, South Korea spent more cash on online porn than any other country. At least in the previous year.

Having been to South Korea many times, I think that scenario could be entirely true … though if Youporn wasn’t free – and Northern had to pay for his usage, I believe there would be a dramatic shift at the top of the charts.

November 8th 2006

Fucking hell, I was away again. AGAIN!

It is quite possible I was visiting my Mum though, so no one can slag me off for that.

At least not publically.

There is no redeeming feature in any of the blog posts around that date … though on November 15th, I did put up a chart to help planners and creatives solve any disputes.

Despite the fact that no one – NOT ONE – person commented [or even insulted, slagged off or character assassinated], I still think it holds true today.


So where does this all leave us … apart from being bored?

Well, we know I am often away on November 8th.

We know I never write anything of any value on November 8th … which means my comment about enjoying writing this blog so I can see how my life, views & experiences have changed over the years is complete and utter bollocks.

And finally, we know that even when I have nothing of value to write, I still find something to write about.


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Standing by for recursion.

Comment by Chris

That’s 2 of us Chris.

Comment by Rob

Now standing by for re-recursion. This may become complicated.

Comment by Chris

November 8th represents the typical day on this blog, not a one off.

1. You’re always away.
2. You’re doing something that someone else has paid for.
3. It rarely involves what you are employed to do.
4. The blog post never says much.
5. But the length of the post gives the impression you’re saying a lot.

I don’t know if this is “back to the future”, more “groundhog day.”

Comment by DH

But I enjoyed groundhog day.

Comment by Billy Whizz

campbell is way fucking grumpier than bill murray. hes way fucking grumpier than grumpy in snow fucking white. look similar though.

Comment by andy@cynic

Nov 8, 2008 was a better day for this blog.

Out of all the days in 2008.

Out of all the years this blog has been going.

That’s a ratio of approx 1:2000. Impressive Robert. I’ll be back in about 666 days then.

Comment by DH

I hope the first thing Obama does in his 2nd term is ban filth like this.

Comment by Billy Whizz

too fucking right billy. this sort of shit is a bigger fucking terrorist threat than having a fucking al qaeda convention in fucking las vegas.

Comment by andy@cynic

fuck me campbell, in a blog littered with shit posts, this is possibly the fucking shittest. this post might prove this blog is a blog about absofuckinglutely nothing, but youre not seinfeld. i know you hate him and his fucking “iconic” show but i didnt mean it as a compliment.

why dont you do us all a favour and just copy and paste what im about to write and set it to blog post repeat. we wont notice the difference and maybe it will give you some time to do some actual fucking work. or annoy more fucking people.

“im not here today. ive been asked to be somewhere in the fucking world, all expenses fucking paid, to bore the fucking pants off some twats who have come along thinking theyd hear something vaguely interesting even though this blog has never indicated that would be the fucking case. ill be using the same presentation ive been using since 1987, just with new pictures to make it look new. or ill be roping in my mum to present because she will make me look cleverer than i really am. dans pissed because hes still paying for me to live it fucking up but my colleagues are ecstatic because ive buggered off for a few days, leaving them in peace and free from birkenstocks, queen and nottingham tragic forest . i have nothing interesting to say so ill blather on for a few pages even though no bastard reads it and only comes here for the comments. back soon.”

Comment by andy@cynic

That post could have been written by Rob.

Amazing work.

Comment by DH

hardly fucking difficult to impersonate a planning twat from nottingham is it. but i appreciate youre fucking fine judgement.

Comment by andy@cynic

That won’t work. I enjoyed reading it.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Rob might not be Seinfeld, but he could be Costanza.

Comment by Billy Whizz

no he couldnt. he was more interesting and better fucking looking. then so is wayne shrek rooney. jill is a saint. a blind saint.

Comment by andy@cynic

Good point.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Always insightful Andy.

Comment by DH

Do you all feel better now?

Comment by Rob

That’s saved me a whole host of work Andy. Thank you.

Comment by Rob

what the fuck do you mean, saved you a whole host of work. are you saying the shit you write takes effort? fuck me, whod of thought.

Comment by andy@cynic

From the wonderfulness of yesterday to the ridiculousness of today. This blogs inconsistency is its consistency.

Comment by George

I knew writing this post was a bad idea. Who am I kidding, I mean writing this blog. That said, the ‘Back to the Future’ vs ‘Groundhog Day’ observation is – sadly – very accurate.

Comment by Rob

I liked this blog more in 2005.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I can see what you did there. Hilarious. At least it would be in an alternative universe.

Comment by Rob

Great idea. Shit execution.

Comment by Marcus

Story of my life.

I could say something about me being about the ideas, not the executions, but that would be just asking for trouble. Oops …

Comment by Rob


Comment by Marcus

Another story of my life.

Comment by Rob

Boredom of my life.

Comment by DH

When you say… “We know I never write anything of any value on November 8th.” Are you implying that you write anything worth fucking reading on other days? November the 8th was a Thursday here in the Fourth Reich, so I was polishing my guns and getting ready to fuck Kate Moss on Friday. Good job it wasn’t Wednesday, or I would have to have hidden Hitler in the closet. AdScam = Orgiastic Excitement!!!

Comment by adscamgeorge

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