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November 5, 2012, 5:10 am
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So by now, all entries into the A[P]SOTW assignment should have been sent in.

If you haven’t – then I’m afraid I have to say “tough luck”, because you were already given a few weeks more than you were originally supposed to have.

However for those who have entered, I say thank you and I hope you fun doing it.

What happens now is that I send all the submissions to the judges who will need a couple of weeks of deliberation before we get back to you.

Just to remind you, the judges are as follows:

There’s me.

There’s Northern and Gareth.

There’s Rodi, one of my wonderful colleagues.

There’s David, International Editor at Warc.

There’s Raj, regional head of strategy at MEC.

There’s Steve, a very, very senior executive at Virgin Atlantic.

There’s Simon, a very important and experienced marketer at NIKE.

And finally, one more Steve – who is one of the senior designers at Apple.

One thing I have to say is that while everyone who did this assignment deserves major praise for having a go, the judges feedback will be firm so you need to prepare yourself for that.

That doesn’t mean it will be personal or rude … however our view is that there’s little point doing this sort of thing if the feedback you get back resembles the sort of passive rubbish you’d get from Paula Abdul.

It will be firm, fair and constructive.

Whether you agree with what they say is up to you, but the judges were chosen because their breadth of experience lets them have viewpoints and advice that you might otherwise not get in your normal working life.

I hope it proves to be valuable to you and I hope you found – and find – the whole experiment worthwhile.

Should you have any questions, just email me – otherwise I’ll post the feedback up in a few weeks time.

Thanks again. Now sleep. Ha.


UPDATE: I’ve had some email dramas, so could I ask everyone who has submitted an assignment to email me, so I can check their name off against what I’ve received. So sorry & thanks so much.

PS: This post was pre-written ages ago, I’m not back from my Mum’s birthday holiday yet. But bad news – I am on Wednesday, so blog bollocks recommences then. Sorry.

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Those poor bastards don’t know what they’ve let themselves in for.

Comment by DH

its the equivalent of a tourist walking down a street in fucking nottingham at midnight with a great big fucking expensive camera around their neck and counting their money from their wallet out loud.

Comment by andy@cynic

Good luck to everyone.

Comment by Bazza

There’s little value being reviewed by people who are frightened of causing conflict. Fortunately there’s little danger of that happening with this set of judges. Good luck to everyone who participated. I’m sure you will find the feedback very valuable.

Comment by George

in other words all the judges are bastards. and thats before they were even asked to judge this planning bollocks.

campbell. even though there was an oversight and you forgot to ask me to judge, ill give my highly fucking valuable feedback when you get round to posting all the c grade judges words of pretend wisdom on here. which based on your previous attempts, will be around december 2020.

Comment by andy@cynic

youre not back till fucking wednesday? dont you think your mum has suffered enough you mean bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

how many documentaries did you buy? my money is on a minimum of 10. and gadgets? at least 5 of the fuckers. come on campbell, what odds are you going to give me?

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy, right after the assignment was announced, you said you knew what you would do. Can you share your thoughts ? It’s not that i doubt you could come up with anything good, I just want to hear them.

Comment by toto

let me see what all the planning monkeys have done first but a clue is id tell h&m to stop fucking dreaming and get a real business plan together. thats $10,000 please toto.

Comment by andy@cynic

so, you are saying you need help from planners to come up with anything good. Now that’s a surprise.

Comment by toto

The judges will be on time, it’s the ringmaster you have to worry about

Comment by northern

Are you suggesting the judges are clowns?

Comment by John

No but now you mention it….

Comment by northern

yes. absofuckinglutely yes.

Comment by andy@cynic

is ’email drama’ an excuse or your email is the most unfortunate one in the world wide web? just wondering, since i have heard that before

Comment by swatidagur (@swatidagur)

At least it’s a little more creative than the dog (or cat) ate it

Comment by northern

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