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Happy Easter …
April 6, 2012, 7:51 am
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… though I don’t know if it will be for my wife given she “accidentally” stole some hot cross buns from Baker & Spice this week.

Of course she’s claiming it was a mistake and she has ordered me [ME!!!!] to go and pay for them, but I guess what this proves is you can take the girl out of Australian convictland, but you can’t take Australian convictland out of the girl.

[Which I’ll be doing later today B&S, so hold back on calling the Police]

Anyway, while it’s easy to focus on the extravaganza elements of Easter, there is a serious part to it, so in-between relaxing on the sofa and supping a few beers, please remember the purpose of this time and that is to eat copious amounts of chocolate until you’re as mindfucked as this wonderful chappie:

Happy Easter all.


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Nottingham Forest’s pre-season training?

Comment by John

If you mean they keep slipping up, then maybe.


Comment by Rob

the judge will let her off, shes fucking suffered the equivalent of 50 years hard fucking labour being married to you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Where did you find that video of me?

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’ve just bought the entire office Hot Cross Buns.

Sure I did it to [i] make Baker & Spice forget my wife stole a pack of them from them and [ii] try to make my colleagues like me … but that aside, after buying over 100 of the bastards, I’ve found:

1. It doesn’t make colleagues like you.
2. American eat them, but don’t “get them” … a bit like George Bush’s foreign policy, take the goods then insult the goods.

The end.

Comment by Rob

Hope Jill gets out of prison in time for the chocolate feast.

Comment by Bazza

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