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Being A Mum Is Glorious & Thankless …
February 6, 2012, 6:20 am
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We often take our Mum’s for granted, choosing to either ignore – or simply not see – the numerous sacrifices they continually make to aid us in living a better life.

They ask for nothing and yet give us everything.

Just because they just want us to feel good about ourselves.





As we grow up … develop … they are always there, looking on.

Living in a state of quiet, constant conflict.

There’s the undeniable sense of pride as the see us take bigger and bolder steps into the big, bad world …

But it’s always mirrored by a quiet sense of concern that along the way, we might experience or endure a pain that they can’t instantly whisk away.

With a kiss, a hug, a word or a plaster.

Mothers don’t want us to hurt.

Their protective instinct never fades.

They constantly and continually want the best for us and they’re selfless in that goal.

So next time you complain she’s treating you like a child, stop for a moment and remember this isn’t about annoyance, it’s about love.

And we’d be nowhere without them.

So thank you Mum.

For everything.

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what the fuck have you done campbell? if youve upset mrs c you sure as fuck have upset me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Amazingly I’ve done nothing … well, nothing new … just fancied singing the praises of Mum’s out there.

Though I do think my Mum is still not very pleased with the additional tattoos.

Comment by Rob

youve had more fucking tattoos? you fucking sad, midlife crisis twat. what is it now? if its queen or birkenstocks or your fucking cat im going to come over and fucking kick you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Shouldn’t you be watching the super bowl?

Comment by Rob

shouldnt you be shutting your fucking stupid face?

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by toto

is this some underhand shit about my impending financial parasite?

Comment by andy@cynic

No, but I love that you see it that way.

Comment by Rob

what about the dads? youre a fucking disgrace to manland. you were a disgrace before but now youve really fucked up.

Comment by andy@cynic

The best advice I ever had:
If you want to love your kids properly, love their Mum

Dads are the planners of parenting, mostly unnapreciated, mostly mocked. Only sometimes useful.

Comment by northern

and not all mums are as brilliant as mrs c, ask caylee anthony for a start.

Comment by andy@cynic

Who do you think you are, Ben Elton?

Comment by Rob

thats fucking fighting talk.

Comment by andy@cynic

So what’s the difference with Dads then? Is it they slap their heads in frustration, tell you to pull your socks up when you’re upset and kick you up the arse when you’ve done something stupid or let them down?

Comment by DH

thats my parental approach nailed fucking down dave.

Comment by andy@cynic

Some mothers do ‘ave ’em. Don’t they Mrs C?

Comment by John

you mean some mothers wish they didnt ‘ave ’em doddsy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is this also true for MILFs?

Comment by Billy Whizz

how the fuck would you know?

Comment by andy@cynic

He thinks is a documentary!

Comment by Rob

who the fuck do you think you are, northern groper?

Comment by andy@cynic

I heard that

Comment by northern

You’re a bit of a softie Rob, but your posts about your mom always make me call mine.

Despite all the complaining that we do, it’s annoying how often our parents turn out to have been right.

Comment by Rafik

Gentle. Insightful. Lovely. Good start to the week Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

Oh, thank you Robert. For me, being a mother, your Mother, has always meant fulfillment, lots of love to give and receive, excitement at following your progress in life and (may I say it?)pride in the person you have become. Alright, there have been and there still are some ‘hitches’ like jeans full of so many holes it was a miracle they stayed up (do you remember?) and now tattoos, not wearing socks when it is cold etc., but I can live with them!
We will have to skype again soon.
Love to you and Jill.
Mum xxx

Comment by Fiorella

Hello again.
Fancy me forgetting the biggest ‘hitch’ of all:
Mamma xxx

Comment by Fiorella

fantastic to have you pop by mrs c and very decent of you to not really mention the 10,000 faults we all know your son has. what a mum you are.

have you noticed i havent sworn once in this comment. i respect others. i am mature. im a gentlemen. now compare that to your son. see? im available for adoption. its not too late.

Comment by andy@cynic

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